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where to find hitachino nest beer in nyc?

does anyone know where i can find hitachino beer in the city, not in a restaurant, but in a store? i had it at 15 east and it was by far the best part of the meal. i've looked at jas mart and the korean grocery on 32nd street and neither has it. any other options? i'm specifically looking for the ginger or red rice. thanks.

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  1. The beer was the best part of the meal? What was wrong with the meal?

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      maybe i should have said most memorable...i remember nothing else being exceptional from my meal except for the hitachino.

    2. i'm pretty sure whole foods carries it.

      1. I've seen it at the Sunrise Mart on Broome St., so I'd guess the original store carries it as well, although I can't be sure.

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          Absolutely at Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant (9th St.) near 3rd Ave. (on 2nd floor). Look in the cooler in the back next to the meat.

        2. Hercules, a whole-in-the-wall shop in the west village, definitely carries a couple of the Hitachino varieties as part of his huge variety of interesting imported beer. The store is just west of 7th Ave, on Morton St. It opens late, around 1 or 2pm, but is open past midnight.

          He will also try to sell you other interesting selections. They've always been good (and sometimes very special), but beware... he always suggests the expensive ones.

          1. Yeah - most decent beer stores in NYC will have it. Bierkraft in Park Slope carries nearly a dozen varieties I'd say. Also, one of their beers was recently on tap at Jimmy's No. 43 on 7th St in the EV.

            1. The Vintner Wine Market on 9th Ave above 46th St. has it in bottles. Two kinds I think--the Ginger Nest and another one.

              1. New Beer Distributors carries at least 4-5 varieties. Momofuko also has it on the menu, but they charge something ridiculous for it, like $9.

                1. found it at whole foods in union square. between $4-5 a bottle which is pretty steep but better than at momofuko it seems and definitely at 15 east (i think it was $8 or $9 there). do the other stores mentioned sell it for less? it seems it'll be more of a treat than just grabbing a 6 pack when im thristy.

                  1. Pioneer Supermarket on Columbus between 74th and 75th has it for sure. Maybe bet 73rd and 74th.

                    1. Agree with Houston re New Beer Distributors. They have a great selection and reasonable prices.

                      167 Chrystie St. - It's in the Lower East Side.

                      1. Yes, Hercules Fancy Grocery @ 27 Morton Street has it for $11.99 a bottle. I later found it in Astoria @ the Keyfood supermarket on 30th Ave for $9.99 a bottle.