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Jan 16, 2007 02:32 AM

West LA/Santa Monica Tacos

Paying a visit to LA this weekend and heard there are some places for really good tacos. Would love a local's opinion and why it's so good. Thanks!

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  1. There are, for better or for worse, various "types" of tacos; however, this maybe all you'll (& me too) ever need to know:

    P.S. ~ Explore the rest of above's website......

      1. Shrimp Tacos @ La Playaita on Lincoln Blvd......they raised their prices slightly.....

        1. La Playita and Tacos Por Favor are very good options. The ceviche at La Playita is also well worth trying. And at Tacos Por Favor, I'm partial to their chorizo and cheese taco. (I especially love the fact that Tacos Por Favor has a big sign advertising that they do not use lard, so as I eat my chorizo and cheese taco, I'm supposed to actually believe that I made a wise, healthy dining choice!)

          There are two taco trucks in Venice. One on Lincoln, just south of Rose, that is there for dinner and late night. The other is on Rose, a couple blocks east of Main Street, and it is there for lunch. Both are first class, though I prefer the evening truck.

          El Super Taco in West LA (Santa MOnica/Brockton) has gotten very good reviews, though I have not been there yet. I'll be there this weekend...

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            Used to order the "Surf and Turf" at La Playita... Do they still make it and if so, is it still great?

          2. There are many good tacos on the Westside ... some more controversial than others (as you'll see as soon as someone mentions Tito's Tacos in this thread).

            I like different tacos at different times.

            Lately -- and lately has lasted a long time lately -- I've been partial to Tacomiendo tacos. There are two locations, one is at the corner of Inglewood and Culver (on Inglewood) and the other is on Gateway, just south of Pico. The locations are both good, I eat at both and can not distinguish a difference in quality.

            Excellent, freshly made corn tortillas are one feature of Tacomiendo tacos. Assuming one prefers soft tacos, a fresh tortilla is to packaged what freshly baked bread for a sandwich is to Roman Meal.

            I'm not an exotic taco eater: I prefer carnitas, asada and pollo. All are grilled and excellent at Tacomiendo. Tacos come with a grilled scallion as garnish and there are a variety of fresh salsas to choose from at the salsa bar. They also have a pot of frijoles next to the salsa bar and I always eat some of those, too ... they are free.

            I've never had the shrimp taco at Tacomiendo, so I can't compare to La Playita -- which does make a good shrimp taco.

            Hard-shelled tacos are a different story. I have to be in the mood for them. And my standards are lower. I will eat a Tito's hard shelled taco and I like the ones at Cinco De Mayo, too (both are at Sepulveda and Washington Place). I truly dig Gilbert's hard shelled taco and Tacos Por Favor is great, too.

            But, currently, Tacomiendo is my taco.

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              I really get out of control at Tacomiendo... haven't been disappointed with anything I've ordered... It's great to see the tortillas pressed then and their... people pay big bucks and get subpar food at local restaurants for this - Tacomiendo does it because it's the right way to make a great taco...

              My little chiquita likes the hard shell tacos at Sanchez - I have to admit that they are quite good - they go the extra step of putting good condiments in them and also more stuff on the bottom of the clamshell container - you get your money's worth... The pollo is great... They do make really tasty shrimp tacos - traditional - as well...