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Has anyone tried One in Irvington, New York?

Has anyone been there? Is it good? Bad? Whats the atmosphere of the restaurant? Thanks!

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  1. Couldn't get in on a Saturday night (at a decent time) for a few weeks. There seems to be pretty good buzz. I'll let you know.

    1. Just had an excellent meal at One. There are two dining rooms, high ceilings (old factory building), good buzz in the room. We had no trouble getting in at 7pm on Wednesday night. The Egg/lobster/caviar appetizer and scallop entree were outstanding.

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        i've heard that it's a typical good food, WAY overpriced restaurant. how did you find the pricing???????

      2. It was my birthday dinner, so I wasn't paying attention to the prices. ;-) But it wasn't cheap. More foodie than chow-y, but I like foodie.

        1. Could someone provide an address or phone number for One? Because of its name and newness, it's kind of difficult to locate using Google.

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            The phone number for One is 591-2233.

            My DH and I ate their Saturday night. Overall we enjoyed the food very much, but it was very expensive. Most entrees were above $30 (except the standard vegetarian and chicken offerings). We shared a hamachi appetizer that was fresh and light but certainly not bursting with flavor. I had the short ribs and my DH had the duck. They were both very good. Certainly not top 10 of all time, but enjoyable and thoughtfully prepared. We loved the dessert. The best chocolate pot de creme I've had. I also asked for some nut brittle (listed as part of another dessert) on the side to taste and they graciously brought an ample amount which I also loved.

            There has been some talk of the service not being so hot. We had a very professional server who treated us as I would expect to be treated in such a high end restaurant. Overall, good choice for a special evening, but prepare to pay.

            I agree with asm ny about it being more "foodie" than "chowie", but I find few expensive restaurants to be "chowie" anyway.

          2. Ok i just ate here last night (Monday 2/19/07) and it was so delicious! I went with my mom and step dad and we all shared everything so i got to try like 2348742 dishes!
            -Salad with bleu cheese, walnuts and pears- a little too much crumbled bleu cheese but u can always just spread it on the bread!
            -Scrambled egg with lobster and chives- OMG... delicious and so creative!
            -Crab and avocado salad- delish and fresh, avocados were perfectly ripe and crab meat was chunkay as hell!
            -Crabmeat fritters (complimentary)- eh, it was alright, kinda like japanese processed fish
            -Scallop entree- what can i say... it was a perfect combination of flavors
            -Hangar steak- perfectly medium rare with like amazing cheesey potatoes!
            -Some kinda fish in cream sauce with poached egg- anything accompanied by a poached egg and cream sauce is like ok in my book!
            -Vanilla Pain Perdu- eh.... it was literally just a fat piece of french toast with ice cream and carmelized bananas... the bananas were REALLY good!
            -Medium rare chocolate cake- THIS ONE WAS GOOD! it was like a mushy brownie with red (raspberry?) sauce and ice cream.... it was like dark chocolate and so good!
            -pecan bars (complimentary)- it was like a mini pecan pie

            It was an awesome dinner and totally am going back there. Obviously im not paying... im a student hahaha. But im a greatful food lover!

            1. Eaten there several times. Delightful meals each time. Excellent presentation. Decent wine list. Scheduled for 5/5 but only reservation available at 6 PM. Very crowded on Saturdays - which is why I prefer to dine out during the week!

              1. This is the new seafood oriented restaurant in the old Solera space by the train station, on the river side of the tracks.

                We went the other night. Nice decor (fluffed up from the prievious Solera look).

                However, the charming barmaid can't make up for the egregiously overpriced drinks ($13 and up for a cocktail -- 15 clams for a flute of champagne), and the even more egregiously overpriced entrees -- $98 for a seafood platter? $4 for an oyster (yes, one oyster).

                Cm'on, this is Irvington, not East 64th and Madison.

                I wish them all the best, but as several others, including "yeshana" have posted, WAY overpriced.

                1. Has anyone been since Jeff Raider (formerly of Valley) took over? I took at look at the menu at the food/wine expo a few weeks ago and the prices did not seem all that bad.

                  1. I'd love to hear recent experiences too. I read about One on Liz Johnson's blog and it looked reallllly good, so I was thinking of taking my boyfriend there for his birthday. Worth it?

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                    1. My husband and I ate there on Saturday. To be honest I was somewhat disappointed. I expected to be wowed considering what I'd heard and the fact that Westchester mag gave it #1 on their last top ten restaurants in the county. The fact is I was not. At this price range the food should be exceptional. It was very good, not great. We were told the menu changes daily and perhaps it's not always the case but only one appetizer did not include fish/seafood. Since we planned on having some oysters and fish entrees I opted for the salad. Tasty but not that special. Overall, a nice dinner but not worth the price tag. There are several outstanding restaurants in the area where your money is better spent .

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                        We must have been there the same night. I thought the food was very good, but in the end I was disappointed. No special stuff like fudge like Jeff Raider used to do for known customers at Valley. And this place is NOT waterfront dining. The closest you will get to the water is in the parking lot. Our table was in a room that faced the train tracks (and shook when a train passed by).

                        BTW, sadly the prices are any higher than any other fancy place these days, and somewhat cheaper than places like Monteverde and Cafe of Love (to name just two).

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                          Thanks for posting your opinion, Misterbill. You (and others) have confirmed my suspicions. Guess we'll stick with X2O for special occasions. :)

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                            PS if you go with a party of 6 or more, watch out for the automatic 20% tip. They removed it when I complained because it's not on the menu and the hostess forgot to tell us about it (or so they told us).

                            I also thought the maitre'd (or was it the owner) walking around with a shirt with 2 buttons opened was kind of out of place for a fine dining restaurant.

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                          We were at One two weeks ago with another couple. It certainly was not cheap, but I felt it lived up to the hype. I have had several meals at "high end" restaraunts" over the past few months that were really disappointing. This was not the case with One. We went home happy.

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                            Just wanted to mention that I read that Jeff Raider has left One for a place in Manhattan. His sous chef is taking over (where have I heard this before, oh, when he left Valley for One).

                            And while I'm posting, and since he's gone, I'll mention what really annoyed me about my meal at One. I had spoken to Jeff at the Food & Wine Expo a couple of months prior to my visit to One.I told him that we really enjoyed his food at Valley and were disappointed that he had left. He told me to come eat at One and gave me his card and he said to let him know when we were coming in. I convinced my friends to eat there because I figured we'd get special treatment like we had at Valley where they sent out fudge (and sorbet cones if they really knew you). I emailed him a few days before our visit and he responded and thanked me for letting him know. And then we got absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. He did not make an appearance (in fairness he did not seem to do this at Valley, either), he did not send out anything special that the other tables around us did not get. I did not ask for him so I guess it is possible that he forgot, or maybe they just weren't doing special things like that at One. But I was certainly expected something based on what I was told.

                            Oh well, won't be going back to One anymore, anyway.

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                              so you will not be returning because you didn't receive anything for free?.....that's lame....

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                                We won't be going back since my main reason for eating there was because Jeff Raider was the chef and he's gone (I wonder if he took the sheep's milk ricotta ravioli and madeline dessert with him as he did when he left Valley). Furthermore, I did not enjoy my view of the train tracks while dining.

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                                  We were at One's the end of August for a celebration No celebration here there were no "specials" and the menu was very sparse Food was nothing to brag about, the service was good and friendly but would never go back Called the owner to express disappointment but never heard back from him I guess we were caught in a very expensive turnaround when a new chef is coming in