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Jan 16, 2007 02:00 AM

Sushi Dokoro (old Blanc space) shorty review

So anyways gave it a shot. And the sushi was not that great across the board. People are up in arms about Nozawa going downhill, but here it definitely was. The surroundings were nice, but not completely. It felt like something was seroiously off. And another problem is that the joint is not cheap at all, in fact its very expensive.

7 bucks for a single piece of not very good hamachi.

every piece of fish was pedestrian.

the only saving graces were the mochi ice cream for dessert and the asahi beer, but those you can get anywhere.

I kep wishing it would get better. But none of the pieces were that good.

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, esp, when it comes to sushi, but just plain bad describes it aptly. For the same price, I could have eaten a lot better at any variety of top-notch sushi places.

I only had a few pieces and it still cost an arm and leg. Oh, well, too bad. Service was ok, but not as friendly as I had expected from previous reviews.

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  1. I tried it last year when it first opened and was equally unimpressed. And they charged for tea, which irked me because most places don't and it's not like this tea was especially exceptional. I have not been back.