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Jan 16, 2007 01:46 AM

Pozole @ Pacifico

I know Pacifico is not a great place (to eat) and is pretty much despised here, but I have to report that after a couple of years (and some arm twisting) I went back Friday night. Much to my surprise, they have Pozole on the menu again! Having grown up eating this delicious stew, I'm always thrilled to find it on any menu. They used to have it and replaced it with a worse than mediocre black bean soup. I complained to the owners, but to no avail. So of course I immediately ordered it and was thrilled with the results. Despite the fact they don't serve it traditionally (with diced onion, lime, oregano and crushed chile peppers), it was delicious. The broth was rich and the pork was succulent. The pozole was prepared correctly (not the canned goya stuff). The sides were avocado, lime and strips of multi-colored corn chips, which were nice, but not traditional. Needless to say I will be back for more, and a margarita or two, but nothing else.

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  1. We (dh, db & I) also went to pacifico fri night & we also had the pozole. There are not many places we fell comfortable bringing our 19-mo-old, as we are sensitive to others' dining experiences, but Pacifico is loud & there are enough nooks that they can put us somewhere without risking bothering anyone. Anyway, I commented at the time that the combination of the corn, avocado, and pork was one of the most perfect blends of flavors that I'd had in a long time. I hope more people order it so that it stays on the menu.

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      does this mean it is safe to go to pacifico now?
      i think my husband and i will be going for the first time tonight after a movie at bam. we went to bonita at ft. greene a few weeks ago and although the food and drinks were good, my husband found it a bit much in price vs. food amount a just a bit too precious.
      i'm craving mexican. is pacifico still that bad or should we just go to mezcal's for avg. but safe mexican?

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        I'd say that Pacifico and Mezcal's are about on par as far as food goes (and, in my opinion, both pretty lousy). But if you want to sit outside and drink margaritas, either fits the bill.

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