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Jan 16, 2007 01:30 AM

Searching for great Chinese Fried Rice in LA

Looking for really good traditional fried rice. Not the healthy tastless version that has seems to be everywhere these days.

So many chinese restaurants seem to have changed the style of the basic dishes they serve. Maybe trying to appeal to a health conscious society or something but we are looking for some great flavor.


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  1. real fried rice? for the densely flavored, soy sauce and various eggs and beasties in the rice, why not just go to Empress pavilion in the evening and order the fried rice? I think they even offer itduring the dimsum offerings.

    If you want to try the traditional yangzhou fried rice, huaiyang style, which isn't "healthy" organic brown rice, but is quite light and can be used instead of steamed rice to accompany a meal, try the yangzhou fried rice at Giang-nan in Monterey park. GEt a deeply sauced dish to go with it, like the eel with leeks (jiuhauang), or the hongshao lion's head meatballs. It's tasty.

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        I said it then, I'll say it again--Pearl's Oriental Kitchen, Monterey Park. Absolutely the greasiest but the best tasting. Excellent food all around.

      2. When I want down-home, rustic fried rice, I go to SAM WOO on Valley and 6th Street in Alhambra.

        I could swear that the kitchen there never bothers to clean their woks (not even a quick rinse) and all the good juicy bits from stir-frying the pork, beef, shrimp, etc. are baked into the wok and when they make the fried rice all that good crustiness from the prior courses gets infused into the rice -- with the rice acting almost like a perfect sponge ... Makes it just about perfect.

        Definitely not health-oriented.

        Sam Woo B.B.Q Restaurant
        514 West Valley Blvd.

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          I agree - I've had fried rice at maybe three of their BBQ places and have had the same experience... And their Young Chow (I think it's the Cantonese equiv. for Yangzhou) is quite good, as is their fried rice with salted fish - my brother-in-law from Singapore/Malaysia really liked it, and there aren't many people more critical of food then folks from there...

        2. while this may not be exactly traditional, it's the best fried rice i've ever had and very much in the form of chinese fried rice. and chock full of flavor - it's the nasi goreng at singapore's banana leaf in the farmers market on 3rd and fairfax.

          1. fortune Inn in Glendale, the subgum fried rice.