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Favorite Panaderia (Mexican Bakery) in LA?

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If you've never been to a Mexican bakery then you really need to go because they offer some wonderful treats. I especially like thier Postres de Tres Leches. There is a really good Panaderia in Pico Rivera called Duran's on the corner of Rosemead and Beverly Blvd that makes wonderful Bolillos and homeade Mexican Chorizo without all the fat. Are there any good bakeries you know of?

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  1. East Los Angeles Bakery

    4333 Union Pacific Ave
    Los Angeles, CA , 90023-4134
    Address Map
    Phone: 323-266-2800

    It is a wholesale bakery with a retail outlet. It is the best out there. Kinda of a rough area but park in the gated lot.

    1. For tres leches, my heart belongs to Vallarta Supermarket (yes, I know). For bolillos, though, Las Americas in Panorama City.

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        Yes!! Vallarta Market has the perfect ratio of the Mush and cake... Most are too dry or too mushy!

        As for all around Panaderia, the only one that keeps me drooling in the one inside Grand Central Market... they do an EXCELLENT job...:)


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          Dommy, there are actually two panaderias now in Grand Central - the new one in the space where there used to be a tortilleria. Do you mean that one? Their steam table also always smells really good when I pass it.

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            The one right by the entrance, that one. :) Great bread pudding and Conchas. :) I haven't been back since they converted the Tortilla stand... Will have to check it out soon! :)


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              That one is the Grand Central location of Adelita (which Glutton mentions below) if I'm not mistaken.

      2. Adelita's on Pico near downtown would be my choice for tres leches cake and many other baked goods.

        1. El Gallo Bakery, best in East LA. Their pan dulce and bolillos are excellent.


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              Ditto on El Gallo. Probably the best I've had.

              Also the place next to La Casita Mexicana is great, and they're open ridiculously late 7 days a week:

              Los Reyes Bakery
              4026 Gage Ave, Bell, CA

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                Can't say enough about El Gallo -- put's Vallarta to shame. To take a bite of an warm, freshly baked pan dulce makes the experience even better. Alway's get my tamale's at Liliana's down the street and then to El Gallo.

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                  El Gallo is the best in ELA. I totally agree.

                2. In addition I also like Sonora Bakery in East Los Angeles on Whittier and Ford Blvd.

                  The restaurant next to El Gallo --La Carreta--is good for machaca, menudo and chile verde.

                  1. La Fama in East L. A. And as an added treat it is right next door to Zacatecas Raspados. It's on Ford Street.

                    1. La Fama, El Gallo and Liliana's --- a trifecta of delights! And all within walking distance of each other.

                      1. Have to add Celaya Bakery on Vermont, north of USC, after a recent visit. Excellent bolillos, very good croissants and tasty quesadillas salvadorenas.

                        They have two locations in this area but the one on Vermont seems to be the better of the two.

                        Celaya Bakery
                        2304 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles - (323) 731-6167

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                          for the southbay hounds the corner of hawthorne and marine in the strip center next to the auto parts store in the same center as super plus foods is a good panaderia. as you can see i forgot the name. the conchas are made around 2:00 in the afternoon and they are mighty tasty.. also they have whole wheat bolillos. super cheap too.. not as large as the bakeries in the eastside but very good IMHO

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                            Thanks Foodandwine! I have been missing the conchas of my youth since Delisioso took over the old Charlie's bakery in San Pedro. Any CH's know of a good panaderia in SP-Wilmington area?

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                              Foodandwine, the name of the bakery is El Molino Bakery, and it is by far the best tres leches cake I have had in my life. I'm going on Thursday to get me one.

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                                Thank you for sending me down to El Molino...yummy tres leches!

                        2. Back in the mid 90's... La Mascota (in East L.A. just off Soto) was probably the best in town (as evidenced by lines wrapping around the corner).... any body been recently?

                          Also there were a number of Chinese run bakeries that would deliver a limited selection of excellent Mexican style pan dulce.... one was at Soto & Whittier.

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                            I've been to La Mascota recently and it's still good...and still busy.
                            Nice selection of cookies.

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                              When their pan dulce's fresh, it's the best I've ever had.

                            2. forgot the name but washington and crenshaw after the jack in the box lines always packed

                              1. french panderia (owned by koreans) ( disregard the french) washington blvd 1 block after crenshaw.

                                have great tres de leche cakes, bolillos fresh and hot, pan, and other treats
                                very good but get there early or you will find a line out the door

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                                  It was at one time French and I believe they are using the original recipes. The bollilos are more like French rolls, but they are the best bread for tortas ever.