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Jan 16, 2007 01:20 AM

Chifa, Peruvian style chinese food

Anybody know if there are any restaurants of this style in Toronto.

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  1. El Bodegon on College has a few Chinese items on their menu. I've only had their won ton soup, which is great. The Peruvian food is fantastic.

    1. New Sky Restaurant (353 SPADINA AVE)- You have to ask for "the spanish menu" they will bring out a laminated CHIFA menu in spanish where you can order all the classics.
      I beleive the chef/owners are chinese peruvian.

      Kings BBQ chicken (Keele/Rogers) - Pollo a La Brasa and CHIFA- not as fancy as New Sky- more of a take out place, but the CHIFA dishes are good and the Pollo a la Brasa is very good.