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Jan 16, 2007 12:57 AM

Be sober and judicious with your finger waving...

Funny story: At a recent meal at Cyrus in Sonoma County (absolutely outstanding dining experience, by the way) I brought a bottle of Solaia and wanted to order a half-bottle of white. I saw two Pouilly-Fuse on the wine list and asked the sommelier to recommend one of the two by waving my finger NEAR the two Pouilly-Fuses...he said, "Oh, the blah-blah-blah is outstanding. I highly recommend it." The bottle came and it was excellent, but to my surprise, it was $175 per half-bottle (2000 Dauvissat Preuses Chablis, 375ml)! Moral of the story: be sober and judicious with your finger waving...

In a more coherent state, I would have noticed he brought a Chablis, but...

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  1. Husky, With enough alcohol, it is also possible to eat $150.00 worth of sushi and not recall the evening's experience. Given that, moderation is still overrrated.

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      I can second this. and probably third it as well

    2. ouch. and you paid through the nose for what you got!

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        yet another reason not to like Cyrus . . . .