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Jan 16, 2007 12:11 AM

San Mateo question

Mrs. Wineguy and I enjoyed a great late lunch at Annapoorna on Sunday. We noticed that where Chef Ding used to be (which had become Chef King) is now Sheep King. I'm not sure the name is the most appetizing, however, how's the food there?

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  1. I agree with you on the name but I've lunched here twice and loved it both times. The specialty is northern chinese hot pot - pick your meat (lamb, pork, beef), pick your veggie (bok choy, spinach, peashoots) and they bring you a huge plate of raw stuff (includes tofu, glass noodles) and you cook it all in front of you in the most aromatic soup ever (delicious even thought it's an interesting shade of yellow). Definitely fortifying winter food and very reasonable for around $8. Give it a shot.

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      Could you tell me what the base for the broth is made of?

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        Just went for another visit this evening - the place was about 75% full and for some reason was giving our free soup and a flat meat-filled pancake. And a 15% discount. I could not figure out the reason but was not about to protest! And they've changed their name back to Chef King again, but still kept the yellow awning. Perhaps they figured that was a more appealing name than "Sheep King" ;)

      2. I have recently moved to San Mateo so I don't know anything about Sheep king. I would love to know what restuarants you would recommend trying.

          1. Because I am allergic to fish and shellfish, I am curious about the make-up of the broth.

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              I'm fairly confident it's not fish or shellfish based - it's meat-based but I'm not sure whether it's beef or chicken. It's possible they use some fish sauce but even that would seem to be unlikely for northern chinese.

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                Thanks, Pinkster. I'll check it out.