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Jan 16, 2007 12:00 AM

good eats in chinatown

my husband and i are going to the troc tomorrow to check out a movie - and want to catch a bite somewhere afterwards. we've been to vietnam thousands of times and i'd really like to check out somewhere new.

how's the thai scene nearby? any fantastic standouts for chinese?

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  1. siam cuisine is hit or miss, but i have to say... i looooove their pad thai... and i don't even like pad thai, normally. they also make an excellent lemongrass soup.

    the pho/thai place doesn't really have much in the way of thai on the menu. i wish there were more thai in chinatown.

    chinese: i didn't like HK golden phoenix or whatever it's called... but i did like vegetarian places singapore chinese kitchen and new harmony cafe.

    if you are in the mood for something different, cash-only penang had some yummy choices on the menu, and the best decor you'll find at any restaurant in chinatown.

    1. Check out Shiao Lan Kung. I think it's just about the best in Chinatown for traditional Cantonese, and it is open late.

      1. If you are into good food at good prices but casual, Sang Kee is great. Wonderful duck and stuffed eggplant.

        I love Lakeside Deli for totally no frills good food at awesome prices, but I don't think that they are open on Tuesdays. Anyone know for sure? I was just there this weekend and we spent $16 and had a wonderful lunch, and leftovers for dinner. They have a dim sum to order & regular menu.

        I also sometimes go to Wong Wong and have always been happy. Their duck is great. (Plus it's just so fun to say!)

        1. Lakeside is not open on Thursdays, but the rest of the week they are only open until 8pm.

          1. I just thought of another good option--Banana Leaf at 10th and Arch. It is Malaysian, run by people who used to work at Penang. I like the atmosphere and food better than Penang. It is also open late and has an interesting and varied menu.