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Jan 15, 2007 11:56 PM

Italian Markets in DFW

I am looking for markets or stores that specialize in italian
products. Wine, chesse, meats, pastas, anything italian in the
Dallas-Fort Worth area. Will travel if I have to.

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  1. Jimmy's. Do a search on this board for past links, and there will be plenty of gushing reports. It's at Fitzhugh and Bryan (I think) in East Dallas.

    1. I agree that Jimmy's is great. Central Market also stocks some very good Italian products.

      1. I think between Jimmy's (don't be put off by the nabe) and Central Market you'll find most anything you want.

        By far, Jimmy's has the best sausage. Don't leave the store without at least a pound. Central Market has the best selection of cold cuts.

        I've always heard people rave about the Italian wine selection at Jimmy's but I don't know enough about wine to tell you if that is true or not.

        1. Jimmy's is good for specialty stuff, but if central has the same it will be about 1/3 less. I go to Jimmy's for their sausage and Italian canned Tuna.

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            You can get some ventresca de tonno at Central Market also.

            1. re: David Pearlman

              Yep just not the broad number of brands and types that Jimmy's has. All though I have received some rather strange looks from my wife when I talk about eating $11 a can (actually a bottle in this particular case) of tuna fish