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Jan 15, 2007 11:47 PM

lamb chops -- broil or saute?

I know little about cooking meats, but my New Year's resolution was to learn to cook more meats because my family likes them. I bought some small marinated lamb chops at a Middle Eastern market. It's way too cold to light the barbecue plus it's a worknight. Do I broil them or cook them in my cast iron skillet? If skillet, do I add any fat to cook in? About how long should they cook?

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  1. I like to saute small chops. A light coating of oil in the skillet is fine. If the chops are rhick (2" or so), you might brown them on both sides and finish them in a 350F oven. If not, just cook on both sides 3-4 minutes each for medium.

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      1. Stovetop cast iron grill. Then finish in the oven if necessary.

        1. Either method is good; use very high heat. If skillet, a little oil won't hurt and might reduce sticking since they're probably a little wet from the marinade. You might also blot them w/ paper towels to absorb excess marinade. I'd cook them just long enough to get a good sear -- but I like rare (and raw) meat.

          You don't say if these are rib chops or loin chops (which are wee T-bone steaks). The former are more often broiled and the latter more often fried/sauteed, but either should come out pretty well regardless of method.

          1. I would definitely blot them well, as HPLsauce suggests. Proper searing (and caramelization) just won't happen if the meat is at all wet when going into the pan.