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Jan 15, 2007 11:24 PM

Empty saffron jars and preserved lemons

I emptied another little glass Penzey's jar of saffron today, and I'm determined not to just throw it in the recycling this time. A strong aroma saffron remains inside, and I would like to fill the jar with something to impart the flavor. I was thinking sugar, which I could later use in a lassi. Another other ideas?

Also, I want to make some preserved lemons. There are recipes galore from the web and magazines, but I would like some of your input. I've never used them before, so truthfully I wouldn't know good from bad.

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  1. i make paula wolfert's 7-day preserved lemons. dead easy, and they keep forever.

    1. The recipe that I used for preserved lemons is to scrub the lemons and cut off a little of the stem and blossom end--enough to expose the flesh. Then cut lengthwise almost, but not quite, through. Pack the cuts with kosher salt, then pack into a sterilized jar, and add more salt. Continue this with more lemons until the jar is about full. The juice from the lemons should cover the lemons, but if it doesn't, add the juice of a few more. Store for six weeks, and use within six months.