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Jan 15, 2007 11:17 PM

Anzu DAT or Bushi-Tei DAT?

Has anyone tried either the Dine-About-Town at Anzu or

Any comments on the restaurants generally? I've heard good
things about Anzu, though a lot of the praise targetted the
sushi chef, who's apparently left for non-culinary activity
in Las Vegas. Am also seeing plenty of slams on Yelp, which
isn't encouraging.

Am curious especially about their non-sushi offerings.


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  1. Just went to Bushi-Tei for DAT last night. There was only one choice:

    Herb marinated sockeye salmon, jicama-radish salad, ikura, citrus vinaigretreet

    Roasted baby chicken with potato lyonnaise, wholegrain mustard sauce

    Trio of homemade sorbets

    Only one of the four of us ended up ordering the DAT since there didn't seem to be any price savings and no choices. Also one of us ordered the salmon appetizer separately from the DAT version, and the DAT one was definitely smaller and prepared with less care than ordered off the menu, so it didn't seem to be a deal at all.

    The food was good (portions are small, though, and we felt that the a la carte appetizers were overpriced for what we got) but it wasn't worth going for the DAT. We were also a bit annoyed by our waiter who seemed to be a pushy and too much of a salesman with the menu.

    Two years ago I went to Anzu for a DAT dinner -- I don't remember the food well but I do remember being displeased with the service since we were treated like second-class citizens when we specified that we wanted the DAT menu. It might be better now.

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    1. re: PekoePeony

      Many thanks for the feedback! Looks like Bushi-Tei and Anzu
      won't be included in our DAT samplings
      this go 'round then, though I still may try them for
      non-DAT offerings at some point.

      We're planning Foreign Cinema DAT this evening, and
      -- somewhat against my will -- Rubicon DAT next week (though
      I've been hearing negative-leaning mixed reviews there).


      1. re: jflesh

        Went a couple of weeks ago to Foreign Cinema for DAT. I did not order off the "DAT menu" but my other dining companions did. You can choose between soup and salad; amount 3 off their regular menu (salmon, pork chop and a pasta); and for dessert, it was between a trio of sorbets or a creme brulee.