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Are There Any Good (but not expensive) Restaurants of any type in the Westfield Shopping Center in La Jolla?

I'd like to combine shopping with a nice lunch or dinner if possible.

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      Second Baralo. Been there probably 5 times and liked it every time. Then again I got the same thing every time! I got the Penne Norcina, which is penne, creame sauce, crumbled sausages, and truffle oil. It's heavy, strong, and delicious. It's about a 1 minutes drive from UTC.

    2. I hear a Miami Grille opened up there. We like the one in Poway very much.

      I guess it kind of depends on what kind of meal you're looking for. Across the street is Roy's, but that's pretty upscale for dinner.

      1. your best bet is to get out of the mall. Roy's is across the street (on the side where Macy's is) in the Costa Verde Center. Edo Sushi is across and down the street on Towne Center Drive in another plaza. Donovan's Steakhouse is across the street on La Jolla Village Drive. Edo Sushi and Donovan's are both open for lunch. Edo Sushi will be the least pricy of the three. Otherwise, you're limited to the food court and Nordstrom's Cafe which is mostly sandwiches, salads, coffee drinks and smoothies.

        Another option is Bristol Farms in the Costa Verde Center. They have pizza, hot food, sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. There's also a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf inside.

        Sammy's Woodfired Pizza Grill is also in the Costa Verde Center. Good pizzas, pastas and salads. Definitely reasonable.

        If you like chocolate, make sure you stop at Chuao Chocolatier in the mall! Across from Express and next to Crabtree and Evelyn.

        1. I'd like to second Barolo and Edo for a middle price range dinner, and Donovan's or Roy's for an upscale dinner. Tutto Mare's in the Wells Fargo building across from the mall is also a good spot for a nice lunch or dinner. They have a complimentary mini-buffet during happy hour if you'd like to go there for a pre-dinner drink and some snacks. Harry's Bar and Grill in that same business plaza is another nice place for an upscale lunch - I absolutely love their campagna sandwich. It's a grilled chicken breast with proscuitto and melted fontina on buttered foccacia bread - yum. I haven't been there for dinner so I can't comment on that.

          I've not been all that impressed with Miami Grill in the mall. I think their cocktails (mojitos especially) are blah, and I've had half frozen appetizers and mediocre Cuban sandwiches along with poor service on my two visits there. I won't be going back.

          1. P.S. I should add that to stay at a reasonable price point, stick to the sandwiches and salads at both Harry's and Tutto's.

            Enjoy! :)

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              There is a PF CHANG's across the street from Sears. I personally find it always better then good and reasonable with some unique dishes. What I like the most is the Brown Unpolished Rice, which is healthy by itself. Some say it is not chinese, but that is not a problem for me. The protein portions are more then sufficient. Great place, if you are not interested in splurging, but want a good meal.

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                With all respect but I don't think that PF Chang;s is delivering good food. And I am not talking about authentic chinese food or not. At the end I don't care how authentic some food is as long as it is good and PF Chang is definitely lacking there, especially considering the price you pay. The UTC area is really not a place with a lot of good restaurants but there still lot of better options than PF Changs.

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                  so what is their name and where are they?

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                    I have to agree about PF Chang's. (Almost) everyone I know gets really excited about eating there, but I feel like it's all too salty (and this is coming from someone who on more than one occasion has been accused of over-salting the food I make).

                    That said, my recommendation for a mid-priced meal in that area is Aesop's Tables. It's across Genessee in that huge strip mall complex, but don't let that fool you. It may not be the BEST Greek I've ever had, but it's my Go-to restaurant by the UTC mall. I also love Sushi Edo, though it's a bit more expensive than most sushi restaurants I normally frequent.

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                      If you mean which good restaurants are in the UTC area: As mentioned above Barolo for good Italian food, Wired as a good french bistro for breakfast and lunch, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza for pretty good tapas and pizza, Roy's and Harry's for a little bit more upscale and if you like it hip but still with good food try Cafe Japengo.

              2. Lunch at Tutto Mare is nice and reasonably priced. Their lunch entrees range from $10-15, and the service good as well. It is not in the mall, but just around the corner surrounded by offices. If you get there before noon or after 1.30, reservations are usually not required.

                Lunch menu: http://www.tuttomare.com/page42.htm

                1. Most have been mentioned already, but I will back them up since I shop at this mall often.

                  Miami Grill - actually in the mall, so you don't have to drive anywhere else. Not terrible, not great. Not really Cuban food per se, more like a (somewhat weak) sampling of Caribbean foods with an emphasis on Cuban. I've had 2 okay but not remarkable meals there. The sweet potato fries are pretty good, though. Unfortunately, it's probably the best restaurant that's actually in the mall, unless you count the halfway-decent Indian buffet that's in the food court.

                  Outside the mall, across the street at the "Costa Verde" shopping center:

                  Roy's - Solid fine dining. Not the most amazing restaurant in the world IMO, but undoubtedly good. Expensive.
                  Aesop's Tables - This is good greek. Again, not necessarily outstanding, but respectable. Some dishes are a bit on the greasy side.
                  Sammy's Woodfired - I think it is weak, probably the worst out of the restaurants mentioned in this thread. The menu is muddled and the food is totally uninspired. Worthy of an airport or other boring industrial location. You may as well eat at the Coco's across the parking lot (seriously).

                  North of the mall:
                  Tutto Mare - I've only eaten there once, and I thought it was pretty solid. I'll have to give it a return visit to be sure, but I'd say it's probably your best option in the immediate area if you don't mind spending a little.
                  PF Changs - Has anyone in Southern California not actually already eaten at a PF Chang's somewhere? My opinion is not terrible for mass chain food, but certainly nothing to get excited about. I tend to agree with the poster who said everything is over-salted.

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                    re: pf changs = bland, noisy, expensive, crowded = avoid at all costs

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                      wow--surprised by your comments on Sammy's Woodfired Pizza. It's certainly not the "best" food, but it's pretty decent if you're looking for a low-mid range cost meal. I would definitely put it above PF Changs and don't put it in the same category as Roy's, Tutto Mare, Donovan's or other high end dining.

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                        I agree that Sammy's Woodfired Pizza is a pretty good pizza place and the tapas are also not bad. And I would definitely put it in a higher category than Tutto Mare (I had way too many disappointing business lunches at Tutto Mare).

                    2. If you want something casual I often have lunch at Great Khans Mongolian BBQ in the food court. It's not the pinnacle of fine cuisine, but at least the food is cooked to order and its pretty tasty.

                      1. roy's for nice dinner

                        rubio's for nice fish tacos

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                          I tried Rubios for fish tacos several time and they are just horrible.

                        2. Barolo has wonderful food. Roy's is a bit pricey and not as good. Love Sammy's salads. Donavan's is well worth the price you are going to pay for a superb meal.