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Jan 15, 2007 10:57 PM

Where to find Solo Almond Paste in the Bay Area?

I just checked Andronicos, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, Albertson, Monterrey Market. Does Anyone KNOW where they sell it? Also Solo's poppy seed filling which makes a wonderful pound cake? Thx.

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  1. I have seen it at Nob Hill. But it's cheaper to order online direct from Solo Foods.

    1. Piedmont Grocery in Oakland. Also, sometimes you can find it at Cost Plus.

      1. It's at Safeway. Not all grocery stores are the same and sometimes a (for example) branch of Albertsons won't have it but another one will. I have seen it at Safeway though (all the ones I frequent in the Sunnyvale area)

        1. My first impression when I read your topic, is : "Why would anyone wanna find that?" Use the real stuff, for both. They sell it in dollar stores, and it maybe over priced.

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            Solo, because I want to make my own amaretti and the recipe I found says not to use the Odense barand as it is too wet. Thanks for the help. Also the poppy seed cake on the poppy seed filling can is really good. Which Dollar store?

          2. I've seen almond paste at Yum, a specialty food and soda collection shop near upper Market. 1750 Market Street near Gough (almost across from Flax).