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Jan 15, 2007 10:35 PM

Recommend an expen$e-account lunch spot between W. Hollywood and S. Monica

I'm going to L.A. (from N.Y.C.) for a few days of work this week, and my boss has offered to take me to lunch anywhere I want on Wednesday, as long as the cost doesn't put a huge debt in the company's substantial red ink. I'll be coming from West Hollywood, he'll be leaving from Santa Monica, and we'd like to meet roughly in the middle.

So, where is he taking me? I'd rather not leave the choice to him, since he's lived in L.A. for 30 years and tends to revisit the same spots over & over.

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    1. Beverly Hills is a bit closer to you West Hollywood than it is to S. Monica, but Spago BH is a "destination." (Added bonus of likely star sightings if you're into that sort of thing.) Spago seems to get mixed reviews on this board. I've only been once, but the food was really good, and the service was great.

      1. Spago
        E Baldi
        Sushi Sushi

          1. I took the Mako recommendation, including specific dishes, and had a very good lunch.

            So by way of saying thanks, and with the understanding that this may already be a well-known spot, I can't say enough about Hoagies & Wings, on La Cienega near Pickford. It's not the kind of spot where you'd want to linger (keep the car running...), but wings are exceptional. I never thought I'd eat delicate wings, but their Lemon Peper style qualify, and the Hot wings cleared out my sinuses. I wish we had a place that good in New York.