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Jan 15, 2007 10:33 PM

Good Wine Bar b/w 8th st and 30th st on the east side??

Looking for a good wine bar, with expensive collection, around east village/murray hill area. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd suggest Flute or MetroCafe & Wine Bar-- you could also try the W Hotel in Union Square??

    1. Though a little bit south of your range, Winebar on 2nd Avenue between 3rd & 4th would be my pick. Great atmosphere with a nice selection of wines from France, Spain, and Italy. They also have a variety of small plates, specifically cheese assortments that look interesting.

      Another option, though not as lively nor expansive, is I Trulli on 27th between Lex and Park.

      1. I would second Winebar on 2nd avenue between 3rd and 4th-its very cute, but i dont thier wine list is too "sophisticated" (which isnt a bad thing).

        I would also recommend Bar Jamon in Irving Place- a spanish wine bar. Its one of my favorites. Very small and cozy. can get a bit busy and crowded but the food is delicious. They have a manchego tasting - 3month, 6 month and 9 month old- delicious.

        1. and then there are the two wine bars on 2nd btw 10th and 11 - Bar Veloce and Bar Carrera - same owners, one is italian and one is spanish, and both come with small plates

          i love bar jamon but it gets so so so dark and cramped at night

          1. I second Bar Veloce. They are knowledgeable about wine, they have nice sandwiches, and a nice atmosphere. Isn't flute a champagne bar?