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Jan 15, 2007 10:21 PM

Restaurant recommendation

A group of four Bear fans is coming from San Francisco to go to Soldier Field this weekend. Staying on N Michigan Ave and thinking of taking in the Bulls game Sat night. Would appreciate any recommendations for non pizza and non seafood restaurants. Greek or Italian or Steak would be first choice. Prefer something other than the "usual suspect" steakhouses. Thank you in advance.

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  1. For Greek food, take a short cab ride to Greektown:

    Santorini (I know it sounds Italian, but it's Greek)
    800 W Adams St
    Chicago, IL 60607
    (312) 829-8820

    Greek Islands
    200 South Halsted Street

    Also see these previous topics about Greek food in Chicago (don't forget that you can do searches on this site ;) ):

    For Italian, you COULD have some fine dining type Italian - there are plenty of places - but I would also recommend having some Chicago-style pizza while you are here. Chicago has wonderful pizza, and it's unlike most pizza elsewhere. There are two popular styles of Chicago pizza, and both have places in/near the North Michigan Avenue area where you can get it:

    Stuffed pizza (double crust):

    730 N. Rush St.

    Deep dish pizza (pan pizza):

    Gino's East
    162 E. Superior St
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Lou Malnati's
    439 North Wells Street
    Chicago, IL 60610

    > Prefer something other than the "usual suspect" steakhouses.

    What does that mean, that you would like us to recommend a BAD steakhouse to you? ;


    There are lots of recommendations of GOOD steakhouses in this topic:

    1. Greektown is a great option before the Bulls game. All of the restaurants are about 5 minutes by cab or car (free calet parking) from the United Center.

      For what it's worth Parthenon is my favorite restaurant in Greektown.

      As for Italian:
      Coco Pazzo - my favorite Italian in the city. Great selection of antipasto, excellent pastas, good desserts. There is also a Coco Pazzo Cafe near N. Michigan Ave. that is not quite as expensive, but I haven't been to the cafe.

      Rosebud - huge portions of red-sauce Italian. The food can be hit and miss, but generally solid. There are several locations, but the closest to where you are staying is a short cab ride away in the loop.

      Spiaggia, on N. Michigan, is fine-dining Italian. Excellent food, very pricy, a little stuffy. It has a sister restaurant that is also excellent, cheaper (still pretty expensive) and less fancy.

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        Don't screw around. Go to Gibson's. I'm serious:

        Have a great time!