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Jan 15, 2007 10:20 PM

Ethnic restaurants near LBI, Manahawkin, Barnegat

I need some spice and variety in eating out! Are there any Thai, Vietnamese, Korean or quality Chinese restaurants in this area? The 100+ item Chinese buffet is a nightmare, though their Mongolian grill take-out is okay.

The choices down here aren't that great, from what I can see...I found an amazing authentic Mexican take-out place in a gas station, but I'd also like some quality Asian food.

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  1. I have always kind of thought the area was a wasteland if you didn't want seafood, pizza, Italian, burgers, or diner-style American. So I have nothing to add, but may I ask where you found the Mexican place?

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      980 E. Bay Avenue. Its called El Jose and its in the Getty gas station, just east of Hilliard Blvd on Bay Avenue. They are open 7:30 am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday, I think. Mostly take out, though they have a few stools against a counter crowded with normal gas station stuff. You can also buy some Mexican grocery there too! delicious food!

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        El Jose Mexican food is great and very authentic! There really isn't a place to sit, but the owners are very nice and the food is out of this world! Great Mexican groceries too! On Sunday, when El Jose is closed, you may want to try El Senor Frog (31 N Main St, Manahawkin). It is in a shopping mall, so the ambience is very casual but the food is homemade and excellent! They are also not afraid to make it spicy! Worth a try! My enchiladas were extraordinary! Price was very reasonable!

    2. Fuji on Route 9 in Forked River has fabulous food. Their sushi is to die for...the freshest I've had in a long time. They also have a hibachi...although I've never tried it, people wait for more than an hour for it.

      Their sushi-sashimi combination for two is excellent and their appetizers (such as the Tuna Martini) are very creative.

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        On the basis of this report, Mom and I went to Fuji for lunch today. What a miserable experience! We arrived a little after 1pm and there was only one other group in the place, finishing up their meal at one of the grills. I guess I should have known better than to even go in, as the entrance way had about 100 polaroid snapshots of different people all wearing what looked to be the same silly hat while dining. You know you are in trouble but...we went it.

        It looked nice, separate room for the habatchi grill, 4-top tables and some alcoves for the "hole in the floor" seating; large sushi bar, standard decorations.

        We were seated as we requested (table not the grill) and drink order taken and brought out. I was standing near the sushi bar (our table was in front of it) reading the specials, both for rolls and plates. The waitress indicated she could bring me the specials menu to the table. The menu only had VERY standard japanese items, not one thing outstanding, but hey, even if only standard, if it is good that works. Then the waitress brought over the "specials" menu. It was a grimy, torn, food splattered xenox copy of handwritten items. And only the rolls, not the plates. The waitress then proceeded to asks us for our order, pretty much before we even got the menu open. We asked for time to decide. Well, time we got, in spades!!! When she finally came back for the order, Mom ordered a bento box and I ordered the lunch sushi/sashimi plate and one of the special rolls. Both indicated soup and salad was included. Only my mother was served them tho. Again, very, very standard, miso soup a bit bland, watery and iceburg lettuce for the salad, no other veggie was in it.

        After a while They brought Mom's bento box...without any of the sauces for it. And the waitress disappeared. I was able to watch the sushi chef make my order and got to watch it sit there, waiting to be picked up and taken to me by the waitress. And I watched it, and watched it and watched it. No waitress, no one. We were literally the only people there besides the staff. The manager was giving a food order to a salesperson and paying no attention. After 5 minutes of waiting for someone to appear, I loudly coughed and spoke in my "outdoor" voice, "gee I wonder where our food is?" After a few more minutes the manager went in back and eventually our waitress came out and brought my plates over to me and we prompted her to bring the sauces for Mom. The sushi was medicore. It was uninspired, bland, it was fresh. It was small in portion. The Soy sauce on the table, was of very low quality. The plate itself was a 4-5 on a scale of 10, nothing wrong, bland, not special, just standard. Same with Mom's bento box (pork katsu). The spcial roll was a tad better, a 6, it was lobster tempura and cucumber, and a pile of eel sauce.

        We finally recieved the check and I gave over my debit card and the waitress took and disappeared. Again, the LONG wait, seriously, after 5 minutes I went up to the hostess and asked what was the problem, she blinked and said the computer was down. After 5 more minutes, we grabbed our coats, and walked back up to the hostess, who then decided to retry to enter the card, but I said, no, I'll pay cash (it was clear they had forgotten that we were waiting) and walked out without a tip and never to return.

        Miserably disappointing. Cheaper and better sushi at most all you can eat chinese buffets and the service is outstanding in how bad it is. And it was expensive.

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          I had hope with the first post! but now it died. *sigh* Any other recommendations??

          1. re: inothernews

            There is also a japansese place on Rt 72 in the Lowes (nee Caldor) shopping center. It used to be a White Castle.
            Not great sushi: OK cooked food.

      2. Fuji is the new place, right?

        The mexican place on Rt 72 in the small strip mall in front of Kmart/TGIF/T.J.Maxx is very good.

        I'll check out the getty place, but I know the one on RT 72 is good. Go for lunch, dinner is same but costs more.

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          We've been to that Mexican on 72 also, were not impressed at all although I guess for the area, it would be considered ok. Can't remember the name off-hand - it wasn't memorable enough.

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            I think Fuji has been there for nearly a year...although we just started going there in September.

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              I agree that the Mexican place on Rt. 72 was unimpressive. I was much more impressed with the food in the Getty gas station...

            2. The mexican has always been fresh, good and consistant at the Rt72 location, And this is after over a years worth of random hit lunches (not worth it for dinner, same food, different higher prices). But I never order the taco bell sorta stuff there.

              i am willing to try the getty, thatis just down the road, closer even, but it is only take-out?

              1. The original comment has been removed
                1. Don't forget Senor Frog in the mall that used to be Carroll's - it's gotten good reviews. I picked up a menu when I drove by the other day - looks like the real deal based on the offerings, but I've yet to make it there for a meal.

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                    newfie29! catch up! :-)

                    Please see:

                    I now eat lunch there about 2-3 times a week, excellent!!