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Jan 15, 2007 10:20 PM

"chiles & chocolate oaxacan kitchen" in park slope!

just picked up a menu for this new place tucked between Mango Thai and Olive Vine on 7th Ave (Lincoln/St Johns)
They are talking the talk . . . and serving champurrado and atole (open at 7am)
as well as moles and a bunch of other stuff. They are very clear about *not* being am-mex. They are also Not Cheap -- $15 mole platos tradicionales, $9 for two tamales and salad. Tacos and quesadillas are $4-$7, $3 elotes

I'm looking forward to a collective tasting of their entire menu on this board . . . with fingers crossed that there's a good Oaxacan chef behind this!
the menu says Daily 7am-11pm, 54 Seventh Ave, 718 230-7700

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  1. This is truly great news - thanks for the heads-up! Anything remotely close to real Oaxacan cooking will be cause for celebration.

    1. that's alot of money, considering that it's so close to Sunset Park.

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      1. re: francesb

        Not really - this is north slope

      2. Yippee! Thanks for the heads' up, can't wait to try it.

        1. It's open folks....I stopped in for a a couple of soft tacos (chipotle chicken) and roasted corn on the cob...all very nice, but i'm banking on the moles and other main dishes to make this a special spot. Can't wait to hear what y'all think!!

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          1. re: evtasch

            I concur with "all very nice" - stopped by here for a Saturday morning brunch. The place was empty and the waitress was laid-back and nice. We had Oxaca french toast (basically a breadier version of the regular kind, not enough cinnamon or sugar) and huevos divorciados (mild/simple preparation, but extremely tasty). I would go back again to try dinner, but for brunch I'd go only if other brunch places are full - Cousin John's down the street is almost as good and about half the price.

          2. Is this just a take-out place or is it a full restaurant?

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            1. re: jinx

              It is a very small space, but nicely decorated with with authentic furnishings to lend a real Oaxacan feel, and is indeed a full service restaurant.