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"chiles & chocolate oaxacan kitchen" in park slope!

just picked up a menu for this new place tucked between Mango Thai and Olive Vine on 7th Ave (Lincoln/St Johns)
They are talking the talk . . . and serving champurrado and atole (open at 7am)
as well as moles and a bunch of other stuff. They are very clear about *not* being am-mex. They are also Not Cheap -- $15 mole platos tradicionales, $9 for two tamales and salad. Tacos and quesadillas are $4-$7, $3 elotes

I'm looking forward to a collective tasting of their entire menu on this board . . . with fingers crossed that there's a good Oaxacan chef behind this!
the menu says Daily 7am-11pm, 54 Seventh Ave, 718 230-7700

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  1. This is truly great news - thanks for the heads-up! Anything remotely close to real Oaxacan cooking will be cause for celebration.

    1. that's alot of money, considering that it's so close to Sunset Park.

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        Not really - this is north slope

      2. Yippee! Thanks for the heads' up, can't wait to try it.

        1. It's open folks....I stopped in for a taste...got a couple of soft tacos (chipotle chicken) and roasted corn on the cob...all very nice, but i'm banking on the moles and other main dishes to make this a special spot. Can't wait to hear what y'all think!!

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            I concur with "all very nice" - stopped by here for a Saturday morning brunch. The place was empty and the waitress was laid-back and nice. We had Oxaca french toast (basically a breadier version of the regular kind, not enough cinnamon or sugar) and huevos divorciados (mild/simple preparation, but extremely tasty). I would go back again to try dinner, but for brunch I'd go only if other brunch places are full - Cousin John's down the street is almost as good and about half the price.

          2. Is this just a take-out place or is it a full restaurant?

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              It is a very small space, but nicely decorated with with authentic furnishings to lend a real Oaxacan feel, and is indeed a full service restaurant.

            2. stopped by this morning to just pick up a menu---oh my, I'm so excited, it looks fabulous! Can't wait to try it! I'm a little worried though, as the place is soooo small, if it is good it will be impossible to ever get in there. I imagine they expect to do mostly take-out business. I may just have to go one night this week...

              1. Anyone know if the restaurant has a website?

                1. Has anyone tried the guacamole with fried grasshoppers? I'm too squeamish to try and, I hate to admit this on Chowhound, but a little skeeved that they have them in the friers at all. Just wondering if anyone has been daring enough to try them?

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                    Ooooh, this place sounds terrific! (I've been looking for Champurrado for ages now...)

                    The grasshoppers sound interesting too...I'm definitely game!

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                      I doubt they are deep-fried, so your fryer is safe...
                      They come from Oaxaca dried, and are usually panfried.
                      Think of it as a land shrimp.

                      I can't believe I haven't tried this place yet!

                    2. My wife and I stopped by for the first time today - around 4:30PM. I really liked the look, and vibe of this place and hope it makes it to it's first anniversary. So I write this critique in the hope that it's ownership reads this and takes corrective action about the things I mention below.

                      First the good: The staff is super friendly, the Mexican sangria was wonderful and the tilapia fish tacos with sour cream chipotle sauce were killer - BUT the lime slices served should not come with the fruit label still attached!

                      Now the completely unsatisfactory: Given that there was only three other people in the restaurant, I find this intolerable. The entrees must have been completed a full 10-15 minutes before we were finished with the appetizer - they arrived before we were completely finished and the plates were scorchingly hot (enough to seriously burn your fingers) which meant that they were being nuked while we were eating our appetizer.

                      Result? My wife's mahi-mahi dish was seriously dried out and my chicken enchiladas the same. It's too bad because the dishes showed a lot a promise and if they had been prepared properly were certainly meant to be excellent. Also the spices were at the upper range of acceptable - cutting back a tad would be welcome.

                      I'll go back because they deserve a second chance and PS sorely needs a place like this - just hope they read their reviews.