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True Confessions...utensils/cookware you can't get rid of

What made me think of this topic was when recently I was helping a good pal in her kitchen and she pulled our her favorite mixing spoon. It was about 15 years old and half the spoon part was burned down to form a slant. It was a realllly cheap plastic, and had burn marks allll over it! But she adored it. LOL!

For me, mine would be the strawberry huller we had when I was a kid. (OK, that would make it AT LEAST 30 years old!!) But hey, that device is all steel, solid wood and is really sturdy! (Hmmm...am I justifying a bit?!?)

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  1. Little sugar tongs that have a pushbutton at one end and a grabbing claw at the other. Never use them, but think it's supremely cool.

    1. Hand-me-down waffle iron my mom gave me because she never used it. It has a temperature control knob on it but it doesn't seem to do anything, really. It's sorta tricky, but it does make reasonable decent waffles on those rare occasions when I decide I want them.

      1. My brother's electric skillets (4 of them). He got them from my granny's personal effects "come and get it" party. Them darn things take up so much room it ain't funny.

        Another my favorite SS turner I got from a wholesale house back when I was 16. It was used at home till the 36 inch griddle died due to an element that no longer was being made. Dad gave it back when we no longer had the hired hands that we cooked for.


        1. An old baking pan that I destroyed by putting in the broiler. I still use it for simple roasts (like potatoes) or in the broiler because I don't want to destroy another pan.

          1. My mother's cast iron skillet...it actually belonged to my grandmother who gave it to my Mum when she got married in 1949. Still my fave...

            1. My grandmother's Sunbeam T20 Automatic Toaster from the 1940s. I refuse to buy a new toaster. When you drop the bread in, it lowers and raises automatically. I get the same level of toastiness (ok, I made that word up) if I put in frozen, fresh, dense, or light bread.

              However, it does not do bagels or frozen waffles well and I'm sure a small child could electrocute itself just by looking at it. My husband tried to give me a new toaster for Christmas since he was tired of burnt, jammed bagels. We now have two toasters.

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                Oh but that toaster made the absolute best toast! Wish I could find one in good working condition. They were the best!

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                  Yes! My sister got my grandmother's - even though I've ended up with a bunch of dishes, silver and furniture - I covet that toaster.

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                    There are some at E-bay. Hmmmmm. Maybe after I get my cook top fixed and have some more money for appliances.

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                  Norjah, does that toaster have a fabric-like cord?

                  Why i brought that up was bcause I was thinking that was the same model my Granny had when I got Zapped!. Gramps told me not to watch it, or the toast will never come up.


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                    Glad to see I'm not the only one! It does have a fabric like cord, so might be the same toaster. There are a bunch of different models, but mine is the one with the neat art deco stripes on the side.

                    I think the only way I'd ever get rid of it is if I have kids. It really isn't safe.

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                      The one I had did but 2 years ago I took it to a local old timer appliance repair guy that went through the toaster with a fine tooth comb. (Basically reconditioned it)

                      He had his doubts about the cord and asked me if my kitchen was equipped with 3 prong outlets. It does so he suggested in replacing the cord with a grounded heater cord which he then could slide the old cloth covering back on it, giving it back the original look. Replacing with 2 wire just wasn't recommended, and the other way was much safer from shocks.

                      I found a good link below. Also a chart is on that page for model references.

                      Mine is a T-20A, Date of First Production: August 1950



                      BTW- Dualit is my every day toaster. I am holding carefully onto the T-20A


                3. I've got an old yellow lid that I've been using for 30+ yrs. My mother let me have 1 pot, 1 pan and 1 lid when I moved out at 18 yrs old. I still have the lid. It's dented, rusty, kinda bashed up. When she was here for xmas, and helping me cook she couldn't believe I still had it. It's in real bad shape, It's kind of embarassing when someone else see it.
                  My tomato corer - can't seem to ever find it when I need it, but shows up when I'm looking for something else.