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I hear sabuddy's closed in tempe and moved to scottsdale. anyone been since it reopened? impressions?

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  1. I've been several times. I keep meaning to write a full-fledged review. Maybe I'll get to that later in the week. The food is still excellent. My favorites -- the felafel, the Israeli salad, and the lentil soup -- all survived the move quite well. The surroundings are a bit more upscale, although still casual. The prices are a bit higher as well, but the restaurant is still moderately priced compared to other options in the area.

    You can find it in a strip mall on the south side of Shea just west of 70th St. Park and enter from the rear.

    1. I love Sabuddy's. It was one of my favorites in Tempe and I was waiting, waiting, waiting for it to open in Scottsdale as it is very close to my business partner's home. One day I saw the "open" sign! Yay! I was in a hurry but placed an order to go, and chatted with the owner while it was prepared. He said he had been open for well over a month but the poor window signage on Shea wasn't readily viewable during the day. He said business had been very slow starting (a surprise) which was a bit worrying as he decided not to keep both locations open, but to focus on the new place. Very nice man, and he did say that people were slowly discovering it. My "to go" was a veggie plate dinner, a mix of the hummus, veggies, falafel , pitas. Yummy still. Sabuddy's is next to a computer gaming and training store, and just down from Paradise Valley Animal Clinic, and is tucked away back in the corner. They did not have signage when I was there before Christmas. I do hope more people discover it.

      1. I really, really miss Sabuddy's Tempe. I was going to that restaurant since the first week that it opened. I remember my first time there. The owner was so friendly and had us try just about everything on the menu (on the house!)

        He remembered us everytime we were in there after that.

        I hope he does really well in Scottsdale and has the drive to open again in Tempe.

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          As an alternative, you might want to consider Dooby's at Guadalupe and Dobson in Mesa. It's another Israeli restaurant not too far from Sabuddy's original Tempe location.

          As for Sabuddy in Scottsdale, I get there at least once a month and after a slow start, the new location appears to be picking up. It was full during a recent Saturday night visit.

        2. Actually, Sabuddy's is REALLY struggling. The new location, etc. I suggested to the owner that he should have a special Chowhound dinner and invite everyone here, so they could get a taste of what its like there and spread the word... you know, just a special night where maybe they serve something that's not on the regular menu or something. He seemed to like the idea. I like it there, and I like him. I'd really like to see it survive.

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            Well, I'll get up there and try it. I'm tired of hearing about these great independents going under in this city. I'll tell them I heard about it on Chowhound, too.

          2. Exactly WHERE in S'dale? Or is it in PV?

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              6949 E Shea Boulevard, #10
              Scottsdale, AZ 85254

              It's in a strip mall on the south side of Shea just a few blocks west of Scottsdale Road. The restaurant faces Shea, and the parking lot is behind the building. It's right by a branch of Bank of America.

            2. Why did they move? Was there any reason?

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                I think that the original plan was to operate both the Tempe and Scottsdale locations, but once Scottsdale opened, the decision was made to close Tempe. I don't know much more than that.

              2. Hmm, well I loved going there in Tempe, I just don't often get up to Shea/Scottsdale area without already having a destination in mind, but I will need to stop in and support the new location and get my fix of 2-day garlic breath (well worth it!). :)

                Thanks Silverbear!

                1. So you say Dooby's in Mesa is a good alternative. Do you have more info about them? Do they have a website?


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                    Here's a recent thread:


                    AZ Central Review:


                    Restaurant Web site:


                    I should also note that I suggested Dooby's simply because it also an Israeli restaurant. If one thinks more broadly about Middle Eastern food, there are numerous good choices in Tempe in including Phoenicia, Sahara, Cafe Istanbul, Haji Baba's, etc.

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                      We tried Dooby's a couple weekends ago and were very disappointed. The service was horrendous. One waitress for the whole restaurant. They finally called in a waiter and I'm guessing his girlfriend, because she hadn't waited tables there before, judging by the conversations we overheard. As for the food, it was average at best. We use the Shish Kaboob House in Glendale as our yardstick, and this didn't measure up in any respect. My girlfriend got some beef kabobs and they had a strange taste that she didn't like. I got gyros and I swear every slice came from the outer skin and was crunchy with little flavor. At one point, we heard the original waitress tell the other waitstaff who arrived that she told some tables on the patio point-blank that she couldn't serve them. Not the best customer service. Suffice it to say, we're not going back. And the fact that the AZ Republic gave them 5 stars just scares me...

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                        The Shish Kabob House in Glendale -- That is a good place that I need to get back to. Thanks for the reminder.

                    2. I work walking distance to the old Sabuddy's location...started here after they closed and after reading the fairly frequent mentions of them I really bummed they left before we had a chance to try them. It's so rare anymore we tackle traffic to head up north...too bad they didn't keep this one open. Haven't been to the sandwich shop that went in that space...doesn't seem very inspiring.

                      Have been to Phoenicia, Haji Baba, and Pita Jungle here in Tempe(though prefer the Pita Jungle in CHandler) and all have good food. The construction around Haji Baba is inconvenient but I still venture over every once in a while to pick up the $1.99 falafel sandwich.

                      Do like Dooby's a lot...but not exactly in the old Sabuddy neighborhood...

                      1. I did have a chance to try Dooby's yesterday. It was good, though I much preferred Sabbudy's. Everything was tasty, but the hummus was a little chunky. I prefer it a little smoother. They also charged $1.45 for a small side of tahini to dip my falafel balls in. I would expect that to come with them. Overall, though, it was a decent substitute to avoid the drive up to Shea.

                        1. i just had dinner at Sabuddy's tonight. I got the falafel dinner, and of all things, it was served with fries. Falafel, hummus, salad, pitas, and....fries. As soon as Daniel walked away, my guests and I all looked at each other with quizzically...it was so odd! Why fries? Everything else was fine, but I can't figure out the fries.

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                            Fries with falafel is actually a frequent combination in Israel -- at least according to what I've read. I don't remember getting fries automatically with the falafel dinner, though. Maybe they had a surfeit of potatoes to use up that night.

                          2. When I was in Israel... Some falafel stands even put the fries ("chips") inside my falafel sandwich.......
                            Fries are very popular in Israel!


                            1. I got takeout at Sabuddy's on Friday. The food was fantastic. The hummus is delicious, and perhaps the best I've had in Phoenix. We also really liked the falafel. You can buy a pound of hummus for $7 and falafel balls for .70 each, or you can get a sandwich or plate. We also tried the chicken shwarma platewhich was fantastic. It comes with the previously mentioned fries, which didn't hold up well on the drive home, Israeli salad and more hummus. My wife and kids loved the shwarma. The chicken kabob was a bit dry, but very flavorful. In fairness, we ate 35-40 minutes after I picked it up, so that may have contributed to the dryness. Entrees were around $15 and the plate was $12 I think. Overall, we were very impressed with the food and the family members/owners were very friendly and accomodating. I hope the place catches on in its new location.


                              1. I just wish it would move back to Tempe!!! No offense to Scottsdale . . . . ;-)

                                1. i was in sabuddy's yesterday, and daniel (he's the owner) mentioned that they have a new website and are starting to deliver through roomservice (not the greatest service, but if you live in scottsdale, not bad), hoping that will raise business. just thought i'd mention it. www.sabuddyrestaurant.com and when i went, there's a 20%$ coupon on there, which i'll definitely use. i'm hooked on the grilled eggplant salad there.. its like really amazing salsa where you taste the chipoltle... i don't know how they're doing it, but i swear the stuff has opiates in it.

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                                    The eggplant salad is amazing. It's tied with the falafel and the hummus for my favorite menu items. I'm glad this restaurant finally has a Web site; it makes it so much easier to provide a quick recommendation.

                                  2. Finally made it to Sabuddy after reading nothing but glowing recs on this board, and I really wasn't disappointed.

                                    I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Plate, a small Grilled Eggplant Salad, and a couple of falafel balls (had to after so many have touted these). Everything was very good. The eggplant salad was extremely flavorful. The falafel were quite nice and had a great crisp, and I suspect would have been even better right out of the fryer (got the order to go). The shawarma was fantastic, with a great subtle sweet curry flavor. The hummus that came with the plate really surprised me with the level of flavor packed in. Better yet, combining a bit of the hummus, with the eggplant and chicken on a pita was delicious, every component complementing the other nicely and melding the fantastic flavors.

                                    The fact that I had been wanting to try the restaurant for a while, and prices being very reasonable (my total bill coming to under $13), I ordered a bit more than I thought I could stuff down. However, after tasting everything, there was no way I could have possibly done anything but eat it all, right then, on the spot. Great stuff.

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                                      Glad you enjoyed it. I agree that falafel is best fresh out of the fryer, and Sabuddy never disappoints in that respect. While Sabuddy was always reasonable from my point of view, the new lower prices make it even more attractive.

                                      6949 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

                                      1. re: silverbear

                                        I guess Tara and I need to give Sabuddy another shot. Between this and nearly getting mauled by Seth for dissing it at dinner, we must have gone on an off night or something.

                                        1. re: Firenza00

                                          I don't remember hearing anything unfavorable from you. Did you post about the meal?

                                          1. re: Firenza00

                                            As I remember the conversation, you and Tara said you didn't like the hummus. I am never really surprised at that revelation from anyone regarding any hummus because it's like chili or mole: every one does it different.

                                            I don't particularly like the small puddle of tahini that Sabuddy serves atop their hummus. I find it overpowering, but when I started having them leave it off, I discovered this wonderful toasted sesame flavor kind of bubbling out from the hummus. I also am not shy about adding more oil or lemon juice to my hummus to taste. (Although I will say that there was nothing I and my party could do to save the hummus at Dooby's in Mesa.)

                                            I think Sabuddy's high points are the Chicken Shwarma and the Falafel, although I also enjoyed the Jerusalem Meatballs.

                                            And, I didn't maul you. I just kicked you as hard as I could under the table.

                                            Big difference. :o)

                                            1. re: Seth Chadwick

                                              Interesting. The first time I tried the hummus at Sabuddy back at the old Tempe location I found it too salty. I gave Sabuddy another try a few months later and I've been hooked every since. There may be variations from one batch to another, and as Seth notes, taste in hummus is highly individualized.

                                              1. re: silverbear

                                                I thought I'd posted somewhere about our meal there, but I guess I didn't. We went one night (it might have been an Sunday) on a lark and were just underwhelmed. I can't remember what we got aside from the hummus, but it was mostly a bit shrug.
                                                I agree about hummus being a personal choice. One of my first blog posts was about hummus, actually. I think we never got around to talking about the rest of meal with Seth. Tara and I didn't like the look in his eyes... :-D

                                                1. re: silverbear

                                                  I think that it may have been a bit more salty or acidic than many, but I find that I often hope for a higher level of acidity and more seasoning in many versions of "plain" hummus, making the added lemmon juice/salt/tahini welcome. So, obviously, those who prefer a milder chickpea-olive oil focused flavor may not like it as much. I can see how it could divide opinion.

                                                  Has anyone tried the lamb? Turkey?