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Do you use menupages.com?

just curious? When I lived in NYC I used it everyday. They have it for L.A. now.

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  1. Menupages can be a little annoying, because everyone gives gushing reviews to every restaurant (unless the waiter did something egregious.) That makes it hard to decide if the place is actually worth going to.

    1. I use it all the time to see the menus. I scan the reviews but I want to see what the restaurant offers. Then I link to the restaurants web site if menupages.com has it.

      1. I use it for menus. Often faster to navigate to the entry I want using Google.

        I don't read the reviews, most of the pages I look at (San Francisco) don't have any anwyay.

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          Yeah, ditto. It will have a menu if no other place has it. As said, SF doesn't have many reviews and the few reviews it does have I would take the same seriousness as I do Citysearch or the zillion other similar sites ... which is to say ... not very seriously. So shoot me, I wish Chow/Chowhound had uploadable menus.

        2. I find that Menupages can be helpful regarding hours of operation, something many restaurants neglect to include on their own websites.

          1. I use it all the time because I like certain features. It's nice to be able to break things down by location or cuisine. And you can do backwards searches, like if you remember an address but not the name of the place.

            But I don't read the reviews or look at the ratings.

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            1. re: bakeryqueen

              I use Google for "reverse" searches, but often it points me to menupages.com.

            2. It's a handy resource, but I personally know of instances where bad reviews that were submitted were not printed, so I ignore the reviews.

              Also, the prices are often waaaay out of date.

              1. I use it a lot when at friends' houses and they want some sort of delivery. Half the time they can't find the menus, or don't know what's on them besides the one thing they order each time they call - that's when I start looking to menupages for some help.

                1. I used it all the time when I lived in NYC, for hours, info about delivery, and menus. Sometimes the menus are out of date, but they give you an overall feel for what a restaurant will serve. In NY, at least, they added places almost instantly, so you could find info about them before it was published elsewhere on the web. I wasn't even aware they had reviews, so obviously I never read them, but I doubt I would have anyway; I don't read citysearch reviews either.

                  1. Glad to hear it. Like I said when I lived in NYC it was like the bible site for eating out. People were so active on it that some of the problems mentioned above aren't as bad or non exsistant there. Like users keeping them abreast of out of date menus with old prices etc...

                    I have used it to look at menus too, which I love to do and also to check hrs. I was just wondering if it'll catch on in the west coast. As I was moving back home seamless web was starting to be a big thing back there.

                    I wonder why they didn't print the bad reviews?

                    1. oh my goodness! I never saw this site before, but what a help! we are new-ish to the philly area, and always trying to figure out where to eat. thanks!

                      1. Just heard of it a couple of weeks ago and it has been extremely helpful. Take the reviews with a grain of salt tho. I use for menus all the time. Planning weekend dinner on the phone with friends and we have this site open on one screen and opentable on the other. Pretty interesting site.