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Jan 15, 2007 09:25 PM

Fun resturants for a birthday dinner

Im going to New Orleans the weekend of Feb 10 for a friends birthday. I was wanting some ideas for a place that be fun for a birhtday dinner around the french quarter area. There will be around 8 to 10 of us and a casual place would be great.

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  1. A little more info would help us suggest some things: What kind of food are you looking for? What kind of price range and dress code do you consider "casual"?

    K-Paul's is casual dress, but pretty expensive. It would be a great place for a birthday dinner, though. Or something like Cochon?

    1. Irene's can be great fun; very casual - in the FQ. But save room and energy for a 300am beignets and chicory coffee ( I think the Decatur St. loc is open, but check hours).

      1. Jacquesimo's accepts reservations for over five people...that would be my number one.
        Then: Tommy's (better than Irene's in my opinion), Lola's (Byo), Cochon and Dick and Jenny's (would be my number one, but no reservations are accepted, but if you are patient you can drink the night away in their bar/lounge area with cheap caraffes of pretty good wine).

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          Jacques Imos is not in the is uptown..and it is fun and a great place, but you will have to take a cab! They do take reservations for five or more.