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White Pizza...the kind like back East?!?

My Hubby and I are DYING for a delicious white pizza here! It is NOT made with Alfredo sauce, but with (+/- 4) different Italian white cheeses, garlic and EVO. I know we could make it at home, but not having the best oven for pizza, we'd like to find one in a restaurant/pizzaria. We live in the SFVly, Westside, if it's at ALL possible to locate one nearby???

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  1. I have to ask for the garlic to be added, and they put big slices of ripe thinly sliced tomato on too, along with fresh basil, but I enjoy the version at Anna's Italian restaurant on Pico Blvd., about 4 blocks east of the 405 on the north side of the street, (across the street from La Seranata's West LA branch). It's called the "yaneeze special" on the menu. Sometimes I get the original crust and sometimes I ask for it thin crust.

    1. Big Mama's and Papa's, a small local chain with a location in Studio City, makes a very nice white pizza. You should check them out at:


      I don't know that they make it with a four cheese blend as opposed to mozzarella, but it is alfredo sauce free and garlicy in a great way. I would not vouch for anything else there, but the white pizza has been enjoyed by dozens of people where I work.

      1. Quattro formaggio I believe.. have seen it around but don't recall where - doesn't even CPK do a version? (Not suggesting that, necessariy.)

        Johnnie's NY Pizza is a great chain if there's one near you.

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          If they're looking for pizza like "back east", Johnnie's definitely does **not** fit the bill, despite the name. Johnnie's pizza tastes like someone from Kansas trying to make NY pizza... i.e. all the missed little details add up to make a monster that is only vaguely like its inspiration. Remember Domino's "Big New Yorker"? Like that. Maybe not *quite* as bad.

          And look-- you don't even need to dig deep to see evidence of Johnnie's lack of authenticity. Just look at the pizza on their promotional brochure (where they are trolling for potential franchisees who likely know nothing about a real NY pie). Anyone who was raised on pizza "back east" knows that the pizza in the top photo is some weird approximation of a NY pie.


          If you didn't grow up on the stuff as I did, you might accept this as a NY pie. But it's not, I assure you.

          Lamonica's, Mulberry Street, Larchmont Village pizza, Tomato Pie fit the bill... all small operations run by people from 'back east' who know what pizza is supposed to taste like.

          Mr Taster

        2. Mulberry Street has a great white pizza.

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            Where (city) is Mulberry Street Pizza located? (ON Mulberry St, right?! LOL!) ;-)

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              I can't tell if you're really asking a sincere question, but I will answer you sincerely.

              Mulberry Street is a road in NY's lower east side, Little Italy.

              Mulberry Street Pizza has several locations in LA-- Beverly Hills and Encino are the only two locations I've been to.

              While unspectacular pizza by NY standards, by LA standards it's solid NY pizza fare.

              Mr Taster

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                Yes, very sincere. My hubby is from upstate NY, and I am from FL.
                I wasn't sure if there was such a street in LA, that's why I inquired.
                (Also, I thought my question may have been one of those 'no-brainers' ie:"Yes, it's ON Mulberry Street!")

                Thanks, we indeed, want a NY style white pizza!
                O=:) Mermazon

          2. I didn't see it on the online menu at menupages, but supposedly Lamonica's has white pizza (at least by the slice). I'll check next time I'm at work.

            Also, haven't been there myself in a while, and I don't see it on the menu, but my girlfriend said they serve white pizza of some sort at Palermo's in Los Feliz - might be worth seeing if they offer it.

            1. I've had good white pizza at Albano's on Ventura and Laurelgrove.

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                Is this the same Albano's as the one on Melrose? I've had their White Pizza with Spinach and it's great!

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                    I can vouch for the one on Melrose -- I used to live in that neighborhood, and we'd wander up the street most weekends for a slice of the white pizza. Worth checking out!

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                  Can you eat in at Albano's on Ventura, or is it only to-go?

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                    Sounds delish, is it in Studio City??

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                      It is... on Ventura, east of Laurelgrove. Across from Art's Deli -- you can't possibly miss the building, it's got gigantic metal garlic bulbs on either side of the roof (thanks to the impending Russian restaurant upstairs).

                      The other branch is on Melrose between La Brea and Fairfax -- a couple of blocks east of Martel, can't remember exactly where.

                  2. Bravo Pizzeria on Main Street in Santa Monica (across the street from Urth Cafe) makes an awesome white pizza. Had it this past week. You can get a slice or a pie.

                    1. Tomato Pie on Melrose has a pretty tasty one. But it's kind of out of the way. New ownership, but they definitely are doing pizza NYC style. Their white pizza has tons of garlic plus the four cheeses, not just mozzarella. Their crust is thin and crisp.

                      1. i second the rec for mulberry pizza.

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                            Yay! There's one in Encino! Thanks for the link Muhlyssa!

                        1. Try TONY'S PIZZA in San Marino. Their White Pizza has mozzarella, ricotta, romano, and garlic paste.

                          Tony's Pizza
                          2555 Huntington Dr.
                          San Marino
                          (626) 793-4114

                          1. A little out of the way, but Carmine's (in So Pas and Arcadia)menu indicates that they offer one - and in my opinion, they make the best pizza (although I have not sampled the white one before - except one time they made me a margherita-type pizza which was the white pizza base, and added tomatoes, a little tomato sauce and basil). It was really good!.


                            1. Doesn't Damiano Mr. Pizza (Fairfax) have a really good white pizza? I remember eating one in college (go LMU!) called a Fuggazetta or something.

                              In any case, I always thought they were as close to east coast pizza as I found in Los Angeles.

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                                see my post above.

                                Mr Taster

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                                  Which one? Can't find any that mention Mr. Pizza.
                                  BTW, for reference, I'm a Pepe's, Sally's Apizza, Pizzeria Regina-type pizza fan.

                                  (You're not confusing my Domiano's Mr. Pizza reference with DOMINO'S are you? Good God, I wouldn't eat that slop if you paid me.)

                                  1. re: Bostonbob3

                                    How could you like both Pepe's & Sally's? You have to choose, man!

                              2. I meant: see my post above outlining the most authentic "back east" pizza joints. Damianos Mr. Pizza is better than Johnnie's, but it's still a slightly weird approximation in my opinion. It's been a few years since I've eaten there but I seem to recall their taking "thin crust" to a rediculous extreme. The dough was stretches so thin that there were holes in it, and the slice would disintegrate in my hand.

                                Mr Taster

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                                  Haven't eaten there since my college days, but Mr. Pizza's crust wasn't ridiculously thin back then. It kind of reminded me of Regina's crust thickness, but with inferior cheese and toppings. But at the time at least, it was the closest I could find.

                                2. Check out the ones I mentioned above... they are much closer.

                                  Mr Taster

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                                    Fortunately for my pizza taste buds, I'm back in Boston now. :)

                                  2. It's a long drive, but if you happen to be in Huntington Beach, La Rocco's at the corner of PCH and Main St. has authentic white pizza - real crust, no ricotta, with dabs of ricotta. I grew up on Long Island, and it's the only white pizza I've come across. They even refuse to sell chicken or pineapple on pizza.

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                                      Cool! Thanks for the suggestion. (Did you mean no parmesan or no mozzarella? See your post above) My hubby thinks it's an atrocity to have pineapple on pizza too! O=;)