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Jan 15, 2007 09:09 PM

Is it a flipper or a spatula at your house?

I've always called the thing you flip pancakes with a spatula, but if I'm flipping, maybe it's a flipper? And the rubber scraper on a stick, is that a spatula (too)? What do you call these at your house?

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    1. Flipper is for turning burgers and pancakes.

      A spatula is what you use to get the batter out of a bowl.

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        1. I call the flipper a spatula (my mother called them pancake turners not matter what she was turning with them) but also have long thin one I use when baking or for spreading icings etc. The rubber scrapers are rubber scrapers. I did have a Home Ec teacher when I was in 7th grade that called rubber scrapers Scotch Lickers because they could so frugally scrape the last bit out of a bowl or pan.

          1. Spatula in the kitchen
            Flipper is at Sea World