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Jan 15, 2007 09:03 PM

Ellis Island

Went to Ellis Island this past weekend. Was scared to order the Clams and Liguini (it not being an italian establishment), but saw another patron brave it out. Looked good from afar. I went for it! Had the worst service in the world, think waiter was either new or just not very bright, couldn't figure out which, but after getting a new waiter to bring me some graded parm, Kraft I'm sure, the Clams and Liguini was actually a big success! The wine sauce they made it in was super good, loads of flavor! The dozen clams, little necks, were juicy and not overcooked and meaty! Very well done; I'll be back to get that again, may bring my own freshly graded parm but for $10.95 and I can wear my sneakers, who can complain! My husband liked his Prime Rib dinner for $8.95 too, and both came with choice of salad or soup, hint: get the salad! We ordered one of each just to try, the soup had no flavor and looked more like a clam bisque and not a clam chowder.

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      My best guess:

      4178 Koval Ln
      Las Vegas, NV

      If the moderators are listening: Would it be out of line to request that Las Vegas be added to the Topic using "report this post"?

    2. Has anyone had the Steak Special @ Ellis Island?
      Heading to Vegas next week on Business.....

      One spot I haven't tried!

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        I posted a photo of the steak special here. (The other photos are from other Vegas restaurants--ignore those.)

        It was an incredible bargain and my dining companion was thrilled--steak+great price rocks his world. I wasn't that delighted with the quality of the steak, even though it was probably very good "for the price." Personally, for the price, I would have rather had say, a great grilled cheese sandwich, or a wonderful pasta dish.

        Also, the baked potato that came with it was way overcooked (so hard I couldn't eat it,) while my dining companion's potato was just fine. The sour cream for the potato comes in one of those squeeze packets, which is fine for $4.95. The good news: as you can see in the photo there were lots of nice green beans. The other good news: it was really, really cheap (it bears repeating.) Comes with a salad, too (iceberg lettuce.) Someone below says the croutons are housemade.

        Someone mentioned in another thread (and I see below that someone else mentions it, too) that the BBQ at Ellis Island is really good. I'll try that next time. My dining companion would probably get the steak again. So, it just depends on what you want.

        Very low key restaurant, which for us, is appealing. I'm a sucker for the red leather booths.


      2. I had the $4.95 Steak special. It isn't on the menu so you have to ask for it.

        For the price its a deal. As long as you aren't expecting a $20 steak dinner you will probably enjoy it. The $1 microbrews are also good and a great deal.

        Ellis Island is more of a locals place than a tourist place. The crowd is mostly retirees who gamble the nickel slots and go there for the cheap food. Personally, I prefer this atmosphere to the over-priced and over-rated restaurants on the strip.

        1. I highly recommend you try the BBQ. You have to go the restaurant/BBQ area near where they sell the Pizza. They DO NOT serve the BBQ in the regular restaurant. I think it was $6.99 for half a rack of ribs and half chicken, toast, bean, corn, and it's awesome! Try the beers and homemade root beer!

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          1. re: Rick

            Hey, I didn't hear about the homemade root beer. I love homemade root beer. I will have to try that, and the BBQ, next time.

            Do they also serve the $4.99 steak special in the BBQ area? The reason I ask is that my traveling companion would likely want to order the steak special (again) next time, whereas I would want to try the BBQ. We'd like to dine together. ;-)


          2. I enjoy the "dive" casinos myself, living here most of the time, you get tired of being around so many "guests". That's what I call them. The $1.00 beers are good too, but you have to make sure the waiter understands that's what you want, we thought we were ordering that and ended up getting the light beer on tap which is $1.50. Not that big of a deal, but it just wasn't what we really ordered, but then our waiter wasn't home that day anyway.

            I have an aunt flying into Vegas tomorrow, I plan on taking her and my mom to Ellis for Clams and Liguini, we're an Italian family and we eat that often at home, but their version is so good, I would like to share it with them.

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            1. re: potbelliedkiln

              After reading about it here and elsewhere ( , love that website,) I went in for the steak. Ordered rare came past medium. Little cut of sirloin kind of made round, ok potato, canned green beans and an iceberg salad. Worth every penny of 4.95. Get something better. Sounds like the clams and linguini would have been a much better try. Did love the dim sum at the gold coast, that was the find of this most recent trip.

              1. re: BTAustin

                Even though I wasn't crazy about the steak or the baked potato, I thought the green beans were nice. Nothing fancy, but they were not mushy, salty, or grayish in color, and they were plentiful. I'm pretty confident they were not out of a can. Maybe you hit them on an off-day?

                And, any salad more elaborate than the iceberg lettuce would have seemed out of place to me.