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Jan 15, 2007 09:03 PM

Wine Etiquette

Sorry if this has been discussed here, but......
Is there a wine etiquette when someone comes for dinner and brings a bottle of wine?
Should you open it and serve it? Or, if you have a special wine picked out for the meal,
how do you (politely) not serve the wine they brought? And, conversley,
if you bring wine to a dinner should you expect it to be served?
I always wonder about this. Thanks

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  1. you don't have to serve it, IMO, if you already have wine picked out for the meal. If you feel bad about it, just tell the guests you've already opened some.

    1. i have always read that it is not obligatory to serve a bottle brought by a guest unless that has been established beforehand. As to how to "frame" that if someone was expected their gift to be served (and it was not planned that way), I welcome suggestions.

      1. if you bring wine, you should not expect it to be served.

        if you're hosting, respond with a "thank you, this will make a nice treat one evening for me & dear one" and put aside. It's NOT required to serve wine guests bring.

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          I totally agree. In my house, I usually have a bottle open when guests get there (you always need a glass when cooking). I do feel a little obligation to serve the one that they brought if we do a 2nd bottle (but that's just me being neurotic). The only time I feel obligated to open it is if it was discussed beforehand as the "something" that someone could bring. Even then, if we don't drink very much wine, I don't feel badly if it's not been opened.

        2. Just say thank you. i do have some frineds who have the silly notion that there is no white wine worth drinking. They always bring a bottle of red so that they won't have to endure white. We all know this and indulge them. But I usually have a bottle of red on hand for them.

          1. The only rule set in stone that I know of regarding wine is: there are no rules.
            Usually I pick the wine list well in advance, and guests wines go to storage.
            But not unfrequently a guest will show up with the unexpected and it gets opened right away.