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Jan 15, 2007 08:58 PM

Foods/drinks/snacks you sneak into a movie theater...

My husband and I always hit the dollar store before a flick for "Twizzlers" (him) and "Zero bars" (me). Plus, if I am carrying a big enough purse, I'll throw in cans of sodas we like! How about you?

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  1. My son and his wife, going to the movies in cold weather, like to tuck a bottle of wine and a couple of straws in the inside pocket of his jacket.

    A little harder to work out in summer.


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    1. re: MikeLM

      Great idea!
      (hopefully no employees from movie theaters reads this?! LOL! I'd like to try that sometime!)
      I used to adore going to the Drive-In! We'd BBQ a bunch of delicious meats and veggies and bring a huge cooler of beer, wine, etc. We'd plop our beach chairs and blankets down, snuggle to our SO (or one of the dog's tagging along-the 4-legged furry kind-depending if we were sans a partner or just po'ed at them!!;-) and just have such great times!

      1. re: Mermazon

        We had a drive-in until last year and I miss it! We would pick up ribs for the husband and pho for me, and smuggle in the dog under a blanket in the backseat.

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        Refreshing to know that I'm not the only one who takes booze into the theater! I always sneak in a small bottle of Jack Daniel's and then buy a small diet coke. They never act suspicious when I ask if they can only fill it up 3/4 of the way!

      3. We bring our own popcorn (I carry a BIG purse) and bottles of water in my husband's deep coat pockets. I like the wine idea....but how to open?

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        1. re: Elizzie

          Open at home ... put in an empty water bottle. No need for a straw. Yikes ... I guess this makes me one flask away from AA meetings. Disclaimer: Make sure you have a designated driver.

          The thing with movies in order not to avoid the rare hassle ... don't bring in anything with a noticable smell or that can't be contained in a large purse ... ya don't want to be toting in a pizza in a box, for example. Once darkness decends ... you are safe ... no peeling oranges tho ... if ya want oranges peel them at home and put them in a tupperware container

          I don't usually bring in food. It is my excuse for popcorn with usually phony butter ... mmmm, fake butter.

          1. re: rworange

            My mom and I took in some pretty large cheese steak sandwiches once.

          2. re: Elizzie

            Gotta open it beforehand. Put the cork back in, loosely, or just cover with a baggie and a rubber band.


          3. I have an extremely large handbag I bought in Turkey. That sucker can hold about a weeks worth of rations, but since I only need it to hold about 2-3 hours worth of provisions, I usually stuff it with A)my Nissan vacuum cup with locking lip of course. It's content depends on wether it's a matinee-then I usually take a soda or fresh lemonade or if it's a night movie it'll usually hold a cocktail- perhaps a lemon drop martini.I also tailor my snacks according to what movie I'm seeing. For instance if I know the film will be absorbing, like Pans Labyrinth or Children of Men, I'll take something non melting as it could be a bit before the treat gets from bag to mouth. If I'm going to fluff, like Night at the Museum, I'll take chocolate or toffee or something I can literally throw into my mouth.I also try not to take anything to loud or with crinkly packages, as I personally cant stand to hear people chewing and chomping during an intense scene.

            1. There's very little I won't take into the theatre. Most employees are teenagers who don't care whether or not you do (I bet they do the same). I've walked in with grocery bags and no one batted an eye.

              A few determining factors: portability, messiness, noisiness and healthiness.

              Based on those, some of my favourites: grapes; strawberries; air-popped popcorn; soy crisps; mini rice cakes; rice crackers; Quaker Corn Bran or Nature's Path Heritage O's cereals; edamame.

              The weirdest (yet tasty) - Gerber's fruit puffs for toddlers. They're so yummy!