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Jan 15, 2007 08:54 PM

Diesel cafe in Union Square

Just walking in Union Square and there's a big sign that the owners of Diesel are opening a place at 3 (or maybe 5) Bow St. in an old bank building. Heavy construction now and still a ways from opening but it would seem to be a great addition to the Square. Anyone have any more info?

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  1. Zeitgeist gallery (formerly in Inman, I believe) is supposed to go into the upstairs space. However, I ran into the owner of the gallery the other day and they are having some issues (accessibility, asbestos, etc) that the landlord doesn't seem to be keen on helping to address. Hopefully it will work out -- it would be another nice addition.

    1. Good news for Diesel, but won't that all but obliterate Sherman's sweet little shop?

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        I doubt Sherman has much to fear. The quality of their food and drinks is very good, they have a loyal following, and I have yet to go without seeing people hanging from the rafters.

        I'd expect Diesel's offering to siphon off a bit of breakfast traffic, but there seems to be enough of a demand in the area to sustain two hipster purveyors of legal stimulants instead of just one.

      2. Here's hoping that Sherman makes the scones, Diesel brews the Intelligentsia coffee (but about twice as strong as the weak stuff they brew in Davis Square), Sherman provides the free wireless, and Diesel makes the little piston sandwich (oh, and with some mozzarella di bufala from Formaggio Kitchen).

        1. the Globe reveals that the Diesel people are working together with the Sherman people:

          1. I hope they follow through with the late hours. Of my myriad complaints with the atrocity that is Sherman Cafe, one of the main ones is that it closes at 5pm. Who opens a cafe in a student- and young people-filled area and closes that early?