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Jan 15, 2007 08:54 PM

Best Restaurant in Madrid

After a week exploring the tapas bars of Seville, we're staying one night in Madrid before flying back to Boston.

What's the BEST dining in Madrid? And I don't mind spending money to do it.

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  1. I ended up eating at Dassa Bassa, which we thought was excellent. Being Americans, we dined ultra-early (9 pm), and had great service (despite claims to the otherwise on this site). The dashing chef stopped by the table to be-charming-at-us, and then we did the tasting menu, with an added Poached Egg With Truffles course (delicious)!

    Although chef Dario Barrio studied under Adria, the dry-iced-gazpacho sort of gymnastics only comes out in the amuse-bouches and to a lesser extent in the starters. By the time you get to the main dishes, the fod still looks great, but the show-off moves have been dialed back.

    Best dish: a perfect rectangular brick of melt-in-your-mouth suckling pig with honey-rosemary glaze.
    Close: roasted hake with tomato and a sauce that I can't remember now.

    I will upload a picture of the hake (this huge portion is part of the TASTING menu, BTW). I plunged into the suckling pig too fast to remember to shoot it...!

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      Sounds like a great meal! We're heading to Madrid this coming week, and I'll put it on the list. Do you happen to recall the approximate price of the tasting menu?

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        Having just returned from Spain, I can now answer my own question: