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Any place in LA that offers Fruit Sushi?

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. Hirozen on Beverly and Orlando in West Hollywood has an apple sushi. That's about all I can remember from their menu.

    1. FRUIT sushi? Man - that's really pushing the envelope... My grandparents are rolling over in their graves...

      1. is that slices of fresh fruit over rice? does the fruit sushi master pick his oranges off the vine at 5 in the morning? i... don't know what to say. i DO know that some japanese people eat california avocados with shoyu and claim it tastes like toro...

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          Halve and pit the avocado, pour a small amount of shoyu, scoop it out with a spoon, and you'll scrape the inside of the skin clean... didn't know avocado was eaten any other way until I tried guacamole and BLT sandwiches with avo... can't say for myself that it tastes like toro, but it's definitely in that direction...

        2. If you mean places that include fruit with their sushi, all these places have a salmon/mango sushi or roll (which I love):

          -Bui in Malibu

          -Hamasaku on SM Blvd. and Veteran

          -Kaiten (conveyor-belt place) in the 3rd St. Promenade

          Also, Tomodachi Sushi on Weyburn in Westwood has a roll with pineapple on it.

            1. RAW fruit? Man that's hard core. :)

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                Well, after this past of week of freezing overnight temps, raw fruit may be more expensive than toro ...


              2. FYI Hownders -

                I lived in Japan from 1991-1993. Fruit and vegetable sushi was VERY popular back then !

                In Japan, they have great sushi take out shops where sushi is premade, wrapped and priced according to what's inside. When a customer walks in to the sushi-ya, they take a basket and gather whatever they want. Also note that many fresh fruits are imported as is certain veges so, in Japan these items can be considered special. Vege sushi would be a slice of asparagus, carrot, green beans, mushrooms....Fruits often were a mandarin segment, apple, and probably more that I can't remember. Also very popular were fruit sammys - white bread, slices of cream cheese(like kraft yellows)and fruit salad! :)KQ

                1. i've only ever seen fruit sushi (called "frushi") at Orange in Chicago. Was a very interesting experience. Would love to see it here in LA...