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Jan 15, 2007 08:32 PM

Restaurant at Hacienda Benazuza El Bulli (near Seville)

I've heard about the restaurant at Hacienda Benazuza. Has anyone eaten there? How is it? Is it true the famous chef from El Bulli runs this restaurant as well?

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  1. Rafa Morales is the chef, ex Bulli.The ALC consists of hits from ElBulli over the past 10 years or so.There is also a tasting menu of more up to date Bulli dishes.It has 2 stars and is well worth a visit, more formal in many ways than Bulli and with a shorter wine list.The real treat is the breakfast and it is worth staying just for that

    1. I just got an email from them. They said to book at least a month in advance. Here is their website and info:

      Hacienda Benazuza elBullihotel

      Restaurante La Alquería

      Tel: (34) 955.70.33.44 - Fax: (34) 955.70.34.10

      E-mail: // Web:

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        Thanks so much. I just called and they are closed January 3 to February 28. SO sad...

      2. Yes, we were hoping to stay there (and eat there one night) during our early-February trip, but they're doing renovations. So we're staying in Seville instead.

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          has anyone been here in the last year and how was it? having a hard time finding any opinions on this place. thanks.

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            We went approx. 18 months ago. We stayed in the Hotel and ate breakfast lunch and dinner. It is a great hotel, and the food is good. They have a "tapas" bar for snacks, a pool restaurant that serves El Bulli pool food (i.e. lunch food with a twist) and the main restaurant that serves El Bulli classics. It is the El Bulli hotel and so Ferran Adria is the exec chef with his trusted lieutenants heading the kitchen (there has been a recent change in the kitchen) .

            IIRC correctly I believe the tasting menu is actually the El Bulli greatest hits menu with the dates of the dishes next to each dish. It is the full 30+ course El Bulli experience, I also think the ALC has greatest hits dishes so nothing from this season, you need to go to Roses for that. If you can't score a table at Roses go here. Breakfast whilst interesting was worth trying once (after all it is the only place you can have a El Bulli breakfast) but maybe not a second time.

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                It is a couple of years ago. I see from their web site breakfast is €36, I seem to remember dinner was approx €130 a head for food, lunch was probably €50ish. We called before we booked to make certain we could afford it. Back then is was €1.5 to the £ so it was quite a bargain. We stayed at the hotel and it was worth it for a night, good to have some luxury after some very basic hotels earlier in our trip.

        2. I was there yesterday. The meal was 115 eur per person, plus wine and water, plus tax , so it came to 300 all together for two. They have plenty of wine by the glass and some very reasonably priced bottles. Plus you must count about 100 eur for the transport if you want to use a taxi both ways from Sevilla.
          I have never been to the original El Bulli but after this dinner I think every cent was well spent and worth it. The food was amazing.
          BTW, I booked only a few days in advance for a Saturday night so they are not as full as they claim. Also, you can definitely come later than the designated 8:30 pm, most people came around 9:30 and some came even after 10pm.