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Jan 15, 2007 08:32 PM

Brussels beware of La Quincaillerie!

Hi me and my wife just got home from a weekend trip to Brussels where we had an awful dining experience at La Quincaillerie. We had heard it was a really good restaurant but that was totally wrong! As a starter i got a fishsoup that was just plain hot colored water with a very strange taste. As an entre my wife got file of duck which was totally dry with a sauce that was way to sweet. I had duck legs that was like eating wood. We asked for new entres which did not surprise the staff at all (they are probably used to that). I got Entrecote with fries which was ok but absolutely not worth 23 euro, (the place is totally overpriced) my wife got grilled swordfish which was ok but also way too expensive.

finally when we got the check the tried to charge for all entres!. After a discussion they finally took away the meals we didn ́t eat. In summary don ́t even think of going to La Quincaillerie! The place is a totally rip off and a tourist trap.

Kind regards Jacob in Stockholm

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  1. Why did you go there? That is, it's helpful to who recommends such bad restaurants so that we can be wary of those sources.

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      Had dinner there about a year ago, and very much enjoyed it. The food and wine was fine, and it was a pretty cool place to hang out. It was definitely on my list to go back to. However, already then it was extremely popular, and it sounds like they have started "cashing in". Thanks for the warning.

    2. I ate there in December and while the meal wasn't terrible, it wasn't fantastic, either. We had some amazing raw oysters. They tasted like the sea. Very briny. My BF didn't love them and was disappointed that they didn't come with cocktail sauce. I thought that cocktail sauce would have masked the flavor.

      Otherwise, I had lamb chops. They were good.I wish that I would have remembered to write everything down. It was very expensive, and I can get better food here in St. Louis. But, the space is gorgeous. I really liked that area of Brussels.