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Jan 15, 2007 08:22 PM

HELP! want good SALAD around MANHATTAN BEACH area!

looking for a healthy but full of flavor salad and soup in the manhattan beach/ hermosa/ redondo beach area! thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. They are by no means the best in LA, but the soup and salads at The Kettle are pretty good. Of course, they might have plied my approval with those bran muffins that I love...

    1. The Spot on 2nd St and Hermosa Ave. It's a great vegetarian health food restaurant with amazing, super-healthy salads and excellent dressings.

      There's also this dude who has a stall at the hermosa farmer's market. Oh my god, his salads are like crack. all he sells is salad and fresh juices/iced teas. I wish i could give you some info about him!

      1. Hmm im going to need help with the name. It is down Manhaatan Beach Blvd on the left if you are going down.

        It is right next to the Brewing Company (probably on the right of it) which is steps from the pier.

        Best Salads I have found in the area.

        If someone knows the name, please post.

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          Are you thinking of Rock 'n Fish? I also like the soups and salads at Le Pain Quotidien, and there is always Houstons for their lunch soup and salad specials.

        2. Not quite MB -- but in El Segundo, I really like Second City Bistro's salad. Good Stuff's salads are smaller and less expensive, but still tasty.