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Great Friday night culinary experience at Doug Arango's

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I was in LA on Friday on a business trip and decided instead of torturing myself with a red-eye back to NY, I would treat myself to a dectable culinary experience at Doug Arango's. What a wise decision.

A friend joined me for dinner at Doug's. We were starved and asked if they had a tasting menu. The hostess/owner Julie informed us that although there wasn't one listed on the menu that night, she would speak to the chef and see what he could do.

What followed was a great dining experience with eight courses and a real value @ $95.00 per person.

Course One/Amuse: Cured salmon with dill creme-fraiche and capers. I really liked the salmon as it was perfectly smoked.

Course Two: Arugula salad with fresh orange slices and tossed with a light aged sherry vinagrette. A superbly fresh tasting salad that left you wanting more.

Course Three: Pacific Northwest Oysters (not sure what kind). They were tender and buttery and drizzled with aged vinegar and a dash if Jalepeno.

Course Four: An incredibly thin and crispy shrimp pizza, with red pepper, garlic, a touch of cilantro and drizzled with lemon aoili.
This pizza was fantastic!

Course Five: Seared Scallops with saffron risotto and peas and garnished with two slices of crispy italian bacon. The scallops were cooked perfectly - - seared with a crust on one side and yet still moist and medium-rare on the inside. This was my favorite course.

Course Six. Spicy Tuna Tartare served atop a sticky rice cake. The tuna is diced and tossed with some avocado and jalepeno and is truly spicy. If you enjoy spice as I do, this is a must have. This was the only course where we strayed from our wine selection and had a glass of sake.

Course Seven: NY Steak charred with a peppercorn crust and served with grilled rapini and the best French Fries I think I've ever had.

Course Eight/Dessert: Although we were stuffed by this point, I chose a delicious orange rice pudding with a carmelized (creme brulee-like) top and raspberry on the bottom. My friend had a wonderful chocolate mousse cake that was dense yet your fork would slide through it like butter.

We chose a white Burgundy (per the sommeliers recommendation), a very well priced ($95)Chassagne Montrachet that was lighter than a Puligny Montrachet that I was going to order and at half the price. It was a 2003 and although that wasn't the best year, this wine was excellent and a real value.

We also had a red Burgundy. It was 1998 Comte des Vogues Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureures for $220. This was a very refined, well balanced burgundy and very well priced. I was thrilled to see the label read bottle # 00036. I've never had a bottle number that low before. This was a great wine as if from the proprietor's personal stock.

All in all, this was a fantastic culinary delight. I am glad I decided to spend the evening in LA.

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  1. I love Doug's...but nobody else seems to.

    1. I agree with you Ciao Bob, it's an undiscovered gem in West Hollywood. I've been obsessed with the shrimp pizza for the last two months and have it everytime I go. It was a wise choice for you to have that pizza OliverNYLA, your tasting menu looked delicious, I've had many of those items. The Scallops with Risotto are to die for.

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        I just had that Scallop dish at Doug Arango's this past Friday. It was delicious. I loved the risotto and the scallops were perfection. I started with the Tuna Appetizer. It was very spicy but great as well.( I wish I would have thought to have sake with it like you did Olivernyla)

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          Are they the same owner's of Doug Arango's in Palm Desert. I believe it was a sister and brother who own it. It had wonderful food. Back in the day, when I lived there.

      2. Yes, it is the same owner's, I believe it is owned by two sisters and a brother. I simply love it there.

        1. Went to Doug's again this week with some colleagues and had a great chopped salad with salami.