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Jan 15, 2007 08:05 PM

Live Geoduck clams in toronto

I'm looking for live geoduck at a reasonable price. I've only seen them in at small chinese fish monger but it was ridiculiously expensive. Anyone know a good place to buy some?

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  1. Bill's Lobster at 599 Gerrard St. E. often has them. (416) 778-0943

    1. it's going to be pricey regardless, geoduck is not a cheap item to begin with.

      1. I've seen them on sale at the St. Lawrence Market before.
        Not sure the name of the vendor.

        1. Bill's or T&T are most likely to be reasonably priced. Check out both and buy from one of them. If you don't have a car, I really recommend Bill's. They are friendly, and at least for crab and lobster are on the cheap side of reasonable.

          1. Yes, I have been to Bill's. They are indeed very friendly.
            Are their products of good quality? I remember seeing "sushi" quality fish there also. I understand that there are no rules on determining whether a piece of fish is sushi grade or not. Are they trustworthy?

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              The products at Bill's are of very high quality. It's the only place I now buy fish, as the prices are also very reasonable for the high quality. I'd say they are trustworthy. I doubt you will ever get bad fish there. Recently I've been buying mussels from Bill's and they are really good. Last week I bought 3 live snow crabs, and those were also excellent.