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Live Geoduck clams in toronto

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I'm looking for live geoduck at a reasonable price. I've only seen them in at small chinese fish monger but it was ridiculiously expensive. Anyone know a good place to buy some?

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  1. Bill's Lobster at 599 Gerrard St. E. often has them. (416) 778-0943

    1. it's going to be pricey regardless, geoduck is not a cheap item to begin with.

      1. I've seen them on sale at the St. Lawrence Market before.
        Not sure the name of the vendor.

        1. Bill's or T&T are most likely to be reasonably priced. Check out both and buy from one of them. If you don't have a car, I really recommend Bill's. They are friendly, and at least for crab and lobster are on the cheap side of reasonable.

          1. Yes, I have been to Bill's. They are indeed very friendly.
            Are their products of good quality? I remember seeing "sushi" quality fish there also. I understand that there are no rules on determining whether a piece of fish is sushi grade or not. Are they trustworthy?

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              The products at Bill's are of very high quality. It's the only place I now buy fish, as the prices are also very reasonable for the high quality. I'd say they are trustworthy. I doubt you will ever get bad fish there. Recently I've been buying mussels from Bill's and they are really good. Last week I bought 3 live snow crabs, and those were also excellent.

            2. I can also recommend Bills, they are friendly, and they do have some beautiful fish. However, I fear I have suffered the dreaded "gweilo" experience there (as I have at many other Chinese places).

              On several occasions (too many to just be coincidental), they tried to talk me out of the fish I wanted to buy and into buying some different fish that were well past their prime and/or wrong for my purposes. So go there, but know your fish.

              In short, "trustworthy" may be pushing it. They have never sold me BAD fish, but they certainly tried to sell me some of the worst looking fish in the store. They backed down quickly when it was clear that I knew my fish, but I urge reasonable fish-buying caution.

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                embee, you might well be right. I did get better service after buying a packet of Sichuan pepper and expressing my love for ma po dofu with lots of ma la. I didn't think the fish quality got any better (not that I, particularly, thought it needed to).

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                  I've never bought any fish past there prime there, but yes Bill does sometimes suggest buying something that I didn't come in for. I assume that's because he may have lots of stock on certain items and wants to clear them out before he has to toss them out. But as mentioned, the freshness has never been an issue. I don't think the service suffers if you are not Chinese. (I'm not)

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                    Not bad service - actually quite good service, but definitely an attempt to move non-prime merchandise. When they suggest I take home a fish that appears to have cataracts...

                    I've always ended up getting something good, but this has happened enough to make me wary. As I said, do shop there, but shop knowledgeably. It isn't a "blind trust is OK" kind of place.

                2. I acutally would just head up to T&T, especially now since I believe they're on season. Since they have such a huge turnover, they can really keep their prices reasonable and I'm positive they'll take the darn thing apart for you (which I'm sure they'll do at Bill's too).