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Where do I find a cup of Illy or Lavazza Coffee in DC

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I love and crave good Italian coffee. I find that most places around here serve a random brand or starbucks/cariboo. I am looking for a place (not a restaurant) that I can buy Illy or Lavazza coffee by the cup. I would prefer it to be in Dupont, Logan Circle, Foggy Bottom or Downtown.

Also, if people can suggest another place that had amazing coffee please write about it here.

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  1. Can't help you with those specific locations, but we believe the best 'srpo in DC is murky coffee in Capitol Hill (also in Clarendon section of Arlington).
    Unlike any Illy or Lavazza you'll find, murky's Toscano blend espresso (N. Italian style) is served less than 10 days post-roast, often less.

    1. I can't recommend in DC, but the Java Shack in the Arlington Court House/Clarendon area serves Lavazza specialty drinks. Ask them for their Lavazza menu...though I believe it's all in Italian...I usually point at what looks good and they'll tell you what's in it. I had a wonderful creation that was half hot and half cold...the espresso on the bottom was hot and then it was topped with this thick cream (crema). It wasn't like anything you can find at our nasty American chains (you know who they are).

      Java Shack is a true little coffee house...nothing chain about it...very hippie/kitsch. I love to support the little businesses...especially when their products kick a**! Check them out online: http://www.javashack.com/homepage.html

      1. Murky Coffee - 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE

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          murky coffee does not sell illy or lavazza.

          although i'm not sure why one would want old stale coffee when they can have fresh roasted/ground beans :).

          anyway, murky has been recommended numerous times on this board. make the trek over to arlington or capitol hill and try them out!

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            my mistake. I didn't read the original request for Illy or lavazza. Oh well, sorry. I do hope you find something you like at Murky.

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              Murky Coffee's espresso will knock either of the brands out of the water, that said, be prepared to wait for your drink- they are not the quickest ones in the world.

          2. Patisserie Poupon on Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown serves Illy and also sells the cannisters. So you know, the cannisters are less expensive at the Italian Store in N Arlington. I haven't seen them any less expensive yet. Still not inexpensive at twelve bones - worth it though.

            Cous Cous Cafe on 20th NW, between M and L, East side of the street, serves Lavazza. They too serve the packages, but I can't recall the price.

            If you find other places that serve Lavazza and/or Illy, post about them.

            Cocinero Cubano

            1. You can find Illy coffee at Buzz in Alexandria, but when I tried it there last week it tasted like I was drinking liquid charcoal. I like a good cup of deep roasted coffee but there's had no character at all.

              1. Williams-Sonoma also sells the canisters.

                1. I thought I got Lavazza at Romano's Macaroni Grill, of all places.

                  1. Karma (at 19th & Eye NW) serves Illy. Excellent coffee and a very comfortable hang-out.


                    1. Cafe Ole serves Illy but I cannot vouch for the quality of their execution. On the west side of Wisconsin Ave NW, a few blocks south of Tenley Circle, across from the post office. they serve innovative tapas and reasonably priced wine too, tho nothing made me go "wow"

                      1. I had a nice cup of Illy today at Fig's on Macarthur Blvd. next to Kotobuki in Palisades. Cassat's in the Lee Height's shopping center in Arlington serves one or the other.

                        1. Vaccaro's in Union Station, lower level. I believe they serve LaVazza. And you can have a cannoli with your espresso or capuccino. Their espresso is VERY good.

                          1. Illy: Buzz in Alexandria uses its own brewed Illy and only Illy for all their coffee drinks. http://www.buzzonslaters.com/coffee.htm

                            1. Not open yet
                              but I "read" in Food Monthly i beleive that the M Street Hotel
                              (21st and M / previously the Wyndham City Center Hotel)
                              is renovating and will be opening the FIRST Illy Cafe (in the country??)

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                                Well it wouldn't be the first in the country...NYC has a few Illy Cafés...although the one's in NYC seem to move to different locations...usually for an art opening or something of the like...but I do believe there is at least one permanent location. Although it would be exciting to get one here...let's get rid of all the bean-burning SBuxs and put Illy Cafés in their place! :)

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                                  For a very short time early in the so-called life of Ballston mall, there was an Illy Bar (unless it was Lavazza, but I don't think so). It consisted of a beautiful granite bar with a few stools--and the coffee. I was in heaven being able to get a proper espresso for a while.

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                                  I walked by the M Street Hotel today on my way to work. I asked the construction guy when the hotel would be complete. It's suppose to be done in a month, but realistically in two. I guess we will have to wait and see if there really will be an Illy Cafe.

                                3. If you are looking to buy some cannisters, go to World Market. Right now, there is a 40% off coupon you can use ( I think it expires early feb.) so a 12.99 can rings up $7 and some change. Can't beat that price as Illy coffee isn't frequently found on sale.

                                  1. Last night I went to Coppi's on U Street and they serve Illy. It's not too far from Logan Circle or Dupont.

                                    1. Well, I feel the need to represent my new neighborhood. Brookland gets the slight most of the time but we have a really nice cafe that serves Illy coffee in a nice atmosphere. Cafe Sureia at 3629 12th St. NE is a great place to relax and take a load off. You should stop by and give Brookland another look.

                                      1. Our wonderful local coffee house in Shaw, Azi's, serves Illy coffee. Corner of 9th and O NW. I think they sell the beans (or ground, whichever it is), too. Also excellent pastries and free wireless.

                                        1. Cafe Bonaparte on Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown serves Lavazza brand espresso. Not to be missed is the espresso with a dollop of nutella in the bottom. Very decadent...but well worth it.

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                                            I don't remember the name but the little cafe tucked in the bottom level of the Georgetown Park Mall also serves Lavazza.

                                          2. Java House on P Street and 17th serves a delicious cup of coffee. Not sure off the brand... but wait for spring because the inside of the place is not enjoyable. In good weather, sitting outside there is a terrific scene.

                                            1. I actullly walked into the M Steet hotel this morning and they told me that the new Illy Shop will be opening this weekend! Sunday 4/15 at the latest. Enjoy!