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Greens menu??

This is slightly bizarre. I can't find a menu for greens anywhere. When I go to their website it says "location has changed" and then automatically transfers me to a citysearch page that's been removed. Am I the only one who sees this?

I called there and spoke to a man who wasn't very helpful. I asked him what their web addy was and he gave me the one I'd already been trying. We had a brief discussion about the site and he said it was working. I also googled it and looked on sanfrancisco.menupages.com, but I don't know if that is a current reflection of their menu.

So, two questions:
1. Does anyone know where I can find a menu for Greens?

2. Should I take the guy's inability to help me as a sign that I shouldn't eat there? I asked him if he could just fax me a menu and he said to call back later. I thought it was kind of rude.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Unreal. I get the HTTP 404 not found error. I've tried other .html affixations too, and in other browsers.

        Maybe they only want local people to know about it?!

        1. re: bakeryqueen

          You could report that to their webmaster, there's a link at the bottom of each page.

          1. re: bakeryqueen

            The website works for me, and the food certainly has in the past. BTW, I'm no longer a local.

        2. It would appear to be a technical issue on your end (I'm not too much of a computer geek to be particularly helpful), as it doesn't appear that the site is down - it works fine for me.

          Send a message to their webmaster, as suggested by Robert. I think we all can cough up a story or two about reservationists with poor phone manners. I personally would be willing to see past that and give the food and the rest of the service a try - if not, there's always Millenium. While it's gotten mixed reviews, I've enjoyed the two meals I've had there.

          1. Works fine for me, too.

            I've had both indifferent service and really great service over the years, so you just never know. We went there last August for our anniversary (had eaten there 17 years earlier on our honeymoon), and had a spectacular prix fixe menu with paired wines. We were also there duing the Food Show two years ago and also had great food and great service. Kinda unpredictable, I guess.

            I don't know about Millennium, though. Been there twice, both times REALLY snooty service, and the food unimpressive. I'd give it another try, but for the money, I just can't justify it.

            1. The website linked by Robert works for me...as does the Greens cookbook, if the place has gone to hell.

              1. Definitely take it as a sign. Service at Greens is bad, very indifferent. The food is not that great either. I wouldn't come here for dinner ever again, maybe for lunch only. There are so many other restaurants with vegetarian food to choose from.

                1. The web sit is working for me too. And as a long-time vegetarian, I have found Greens to be consistently wonderful over the years. Please go. It is delicious and you can't get a better view of the Golden Gate bridge.

                  1. Go for the view of the GGB (so don't go after dark). I had stellar meals there maybe 6-7 years ago, but the last two times I've been the service has been well below par and I've found the food lacking in excitement - but priced at a level where you'd expect perfection.

                    1. Thanks for the responses. I managed to get a hold of a menu.

                      Now I just can't decide whether or not to go. Some of you say yes, some of you say no.

                      Decisions, decisions.

                      1. If you like cookbooks buy Everyday Greens, beautiful and simple.

                        1. I had a wonderful lunch there right before Thanksgiving. The food was fanstastic and service was excellent. Given the range in service and the fact that the view is outstanding during the day, I would go but only do lunch. There are so many other amazing restos for din din.

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                          1. re: nutmeg

                            In the summer, dinner is nice as you get the sunset followed by candlelight.

                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              Great point. I'm sure that would be fantastic.

                          2. wow. i've never heard anyone say the service at green's was anything less than stellar. whoever said they had a bad experience must have been there on a rare "off" day. i say go. the food is great and they have a nice wine list. i've had a few star-sightings there. never know who you'll see.

                            1. I like Greens a lot but I like their to go section even better. I like getting the black bean chili and eating it out doors near the water.