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Jan 15, 2007 07:30 PM

INDONESIAN restaurant??? Keen to find a good one

I love Indonesian food, including rijstafel. My favourite Indonesian restaurant, which used to be on Avenue Rd. just north of Lawrence, closed years ago. Can anyone recommend a really good one in Toronto or environs?

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  1. Ahhhh, Bali. I used to love that place--that's going back a few years. Good luck finding any Indonesian restaurant let alone a good one in the GTA. Your best be is to try one of the Malaysian places around town or drive to, believe it or not, Tobermorey. They've got one. IIRC there is a Indonesian social group somewhere in Mississauga that does dinners every once in a while. It was posted sometime in the last year.

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      Bali was run by the mother of one of my highscool classmates from the early 70's, and her sisters. I always wanted to try it but never did. I also look for Indonesian places in Toronto but have not found any. I'm also looking for Burmese restaurants, does anyone here know of any?

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        That's great! I started going to Bali in the late 80s. It was toned down a bit for North Toronto tastes, but I cherish it as one of the first Asian restaurants in the area that I frequented that didn't just have Chicken Balls, Wontons and flourescent sauce. The family who ran it then were really nice. We enjoyed eating there even after visiting Indonesia.

        For Burmese takeout/foodcourt, checkout Motherhome. I haven't been for at least a year, but it was pretty good foodcourt lunch food with a few Burmese dishes. More of an if you are in the area kind of place:

        Another is Manadalay in Scarborough. Never been, myself.
        3478 Lawrence Ave. E. (at Markham Rd.


        Here's the place to find Indonesian dinner in Mississauga:

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        I think I remember a more downtown location for Bali, probably even more years ago. The food was good, but what made it truly memorable was a New Year's Eve dinner where two tires on my car were slashed. It wasn't personal - every car in the parking lot had been treated the same way:(

      3. Having married an Indonesian,
        there are almost no good Indonesian restuarants now in Toronto.

        Maysian restaurants will provide the best/closest Indonesian dishes.

        Satayria was one of the better places, before they went of business.

        1. There was an Indonesian restaurant, Garuda, for a number of years across the street from the Eglinton Theatre. It was pretty good, and had a decent rijstaffel. It closed up shortly after the theatre did; I think they did a brisk business with the post-movie crowd.

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            Thanks all, but I'm getting discouraged now. Bali was very good, and Garuda, in my opinion, could not compare.Maybe some of the Indonesian people in Toronto will open a restaurant? We're ready for a new trend, surely!

          2. I'm Indonesian and I'm always curious to know if there are any restaurants since my friends always want to know what Indo cooking is like :) I've looked at sooo many chowhound postings and there really don't seem to be any Indonesian restaurants in the GTA.

            Mikeb mentioned Tobermory... the restaurant is called Stone Orchid and you will see it on your right as you're driving up towards Tobermory on that main highway.
            We were a group of 18 people on a cottage trip to the Bruce and I had arranged reservations and menu with them ahead of time. Joanne, who is the owner, was great with us and was very accomodating with our large group! We actually ended up coming the day before our reservation was booked for due to the timing of our driving/exploring the area, so we were glad she could still take us. She is not Indonesian, but her parents lived there and so I think she grew up with Indonesian-influenced cooking. In any case, all in the group were happy with the dinner.... rijstaffel style!!! She just told us to ask for more of whatever they cooked for our table. We had a set menu of certain dishes arranged when I had called to make the reservations... usual nasi goreng, sate, gado gado,
            bami goreng...
            All in all, we enjoyed ourselves... as an extra, there are little puzzles and toys on the table to play with while waiting for the food to come :D

            With regards to the social group dinners that Mikeb also mentioned, they are more like community food bazaar's. There are also several social groups that hold these bazaar's. I remember going to one in Thornhill community centre and another one close to Scarborough Town Centre. Maybe I'll try posting these bazaar date and locations when I hear about them.

            In response to prairie dog, the Toronto Star predicted Indo food to be one of the new trends for 2007! I'd be happy if people enjoyed Indo food, but I also want it to be represented well =D! For now.. i'm thoroughly happy with my mom's cooking. .. hehe...

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              You would think that with the international population of people in Toronto that we could support at least on Indonesian restaurant. Look at the popularity of the bami/nasi goreng at Richtree/Movenpick and the prevalence of other east Asian cuisines (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean).

              I recall there being a place on Yonge (south of Bloor) called Indonesia restaurant which closed many years ago. Also, back when we had Caravan, the Indonesian consulate (on Jarvis) would offer some Indonesian foods. I haven’t had Indonesian food in the city since those days. I’ve had Indonesian in Washington D.C. and San Francisco (many years ago), but both times I was by myself and couldn’t order a proper rijsttafel, which I would love to try.

            2. The original comment has been removed