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Jan 15, 2007 07:17 PM

best bi bim bap in Irvine area?

I find myself constantly craving Korean bi bim bap (hope my spelling is right). I live in the Tustin area, but I figure I have the best chance (near me) in Irvine. I've tried a few around, and while they are good, they are not exactly what I'm looking for. Here's what I've tried:

Kaya: yummy veggies, excellent flavor of crunchy rice on the bottom, but GROUND beef? That's not what I'm used to, and I didn't like it at all. (There other food is really good, but...)

HK Tofu (on Red Hill in Tustin): Also good in many ways. The meat is tender and tasty, but the vegetables taste like they have just been steamed, not marinated. So close, but not quite. (Also, the rest of their food is very tasty).

I've also been to another in Tustin (on El Camino Real, in the shopping center with the Curtain Call Theatre), and I had the same "vegetables not marinated" problem.

So, help!


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  1. I've never really had the dish you're talking about but the Korean restaurant I like in this area is in the same plaza as Kaya down on Culver-there's a sign that just says Korean Restaurant

    1. If you can travel, the area of Garden Grove between Brookhurst and Magnolia on Garden Grove Ave is like a little mile of korea town. Lots of restaurants there that serve great bi bim bap. My personal favorite is the little food court inside the A&R (Arirang) supermarket.

      Another place that I've had good bi bim bap was at Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley; however, it's kind of a side dish when compared to the main star of this restaurant - the prime and kobe beef you grill at your table!

      1. We like the Korean Restaurant in the plaza on Culver/Walnut. It's a bit hidden - it's near a hardware store, I think (Ace?). My husband loves the dolsot bibimbab...there's a huge menu there of very authentic Korean food. Ambiance is ok - not brilliant, but the food's good and reasonable.