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Late Night Jackson Heights

Just moved here a few weeks ago and am loving the quality of life and the cost of living. There are so many fantastic places to eat--ones not mentioned in that Times article. The Burmese Cafe comes to mind. Can't wait to go back.

I am wondering if anyone knows of good places to eat late at night; so many restaurants seem to close at 10. We last lived in Astoria and had a few dependable diners we could go to at midnight (Sanford, Michael's) when we got home late.

Does anyone have an suggestions or advice?

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Mark Twain Diner on Northern Boulevard and 73rd Street is 24 hours. The only other options that I know of (and I would choose Mark Twain) are an Indian place also on Northern near 73rd, and a fried food place right by the train on 74th Street off Roosevelt. I noticed the other night it was open at 3 a.m. but I don't think this is the kind of place you had in mind.

    1. The only one that comes to mind that would be open at Midnight is Novo at 78-23 37th Ave. Good food, drinks and atmosphere. Several neighbors are raving about this place. I've been for the cocktail hour (4-6). Plan to have dinner soon. Reasonable prices.

      1. Actually, I did go to Novo and the food was pretty good if a little salty. I had some kind of fried chicken thing and I have it say, it was beautifully fried. I hadn't realized it was open that late--should've checked myself. Thank you!

        1. Many of the South Asian places in the western part of JH are open late - Roti Boti on Broadway at 72nd street is good for kebabs and tandoori bread.

          1. Jules NYC!
            Please email me if you want to talk JH cafes! I can get you in touch with people in JH through the parents group and you can ask lots of questions and I'm sure get at least 20-30 people to give you answers in a short time. musicforthefuture@hotmail.com

            1. Some of the S. American places stay open late, and some are 24 hrs on weekends. Chivito d'0ro and Mario's come to mind. Not sure how late La Nueva Cafe stays open.

              1. Cositas ricas is open very late and it is always busy and brite. It is on roosevelt and 80th and it is a columbian diner with food, snacks and a bakery.

                1. The Pollos a la Brasa Mario (both Roosevelt & 81st and 37th & 83rd) are open all night on Fridays and Saturdays. El Chivito d'Oro is open till at 1:00 every night. I think La Nueva Cafe closes at midnight, at least it used to. Kabab King on 73rd and 37th Road is open 24 hours, even the upstairs dining room, I believe.

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                    Pollos a la Brasa Mario is so good! They have an amazing menu & the prices are reasonable! Go there for breakfast! So yummy!

                  2. Thanks so much to all who posted!

                    1. There are a few Korean places south of the 74th St. station that are either open late or in at least a couple of cases open 24 hours. Taqueria Coatzingo a couple of blocks further east on Roosevelt, and much praised on this board, is open for several hours after midnight. For a quick pick-up there are also the chicken/rice guys on Broadway a block up from Roosevelt (I like the smaller one away from the corner better) and the several taco trucks that appear on Roosevelt and elsewhere after 11 PM most nights (see recent threads for some guidelines here). The spring will, of course, bring the late night return of the sainted, and much discussed, arepa lady to Roosevelt Ave.

                      1. One of my favorite late night places is El Sol Azteca at 82-12 Roosevelt Ave. They have a website - www.restaurantesolazteca.com
                        If I remember correctly, they are open 24 hours, and their website does say something in Spanish that indicates 24-hour operation (though I don't speak Spanish so it's possible I mis-read it). I have had the tacos and burritos there and liked them both. Plus the place had a good vibe and I felt comfortable there.

                        1. I went to the Korean place on 75th (just up and opposite from the Pacific Market) and was pleased to learn that it is open 24 hours. I wasn't wowed by the entrees (have yet to try the barbeque though), but thought the starters were wonderful.

                          Best of all, when the staff saw that we had eaten all the kimchees and pickled vegetables, they brought us more! I'm actually really happy that my new 24 hour eating joint is Korean.

                          1. Jardi, a tapas bar on Northern, between 86 and 87 is open till 3 am.

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                              I second Taqueria Coatzingo and Zabb, the Esaan Thai place on Roosevelt and 72nd is open from 5pm to 2am.

                            2. Forget what everyone else wrote. Go to Khan Baba indian buffet on Roosevelt Ave between 75th and 74th street. Open 24 hours I beleive. Sexy.

                              Also, go to PioPio for the best peruvian chicken on Northern Blvd between 84th and 85th Street. This one isnt too late night but... Sexy.

                              1. Zabb Thai, right next to where the Burmese Cafe was. Open till 2 I think.