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Jan 15, 2007 07:09 PM

Vegetarian Options in N.O.

I'll be traveling from New York to New Orleans in early February with -- I'm serious here -- a vegetarian chowhound, who has a great palate and does eat a FEW fish (namely salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring, and trout). I'd appreciate any suggestions for outstanding restaurants, particularly Creole and Cajun ones, that handle vegetarian requests well.

As for my tastes, my two favorite restaurants are Galatoire's and Upperline, but I've also had wonderful meals at Artesia, Brennan's, Brigtsen's, The Grill Room (Kevin Graham era), K-Paul's, and Victor's (Frank Brunacci era); wonderful bites at Casamento's, Domilise's, Cafe du Monde, Morning Call, Mother's, and Napoleon House; and wonderful memories of Camellia Grill, Lafitte's Landing, Mandina's, and Uglesich's.

Carry on, New Orleans! We all need you.

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  1. Pre Katrina there was a great unusual place called the "Cajun Kosher Kitchen" unsure if it is still there but the food was great! I am total veg and it was the only place I found for my fave N.O recipes without shellfish.

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      This restaurant moved to Maple street out of the Quarter, but is indeed open.

    2. I think most places would be happy to accomodate you. Galatoire's whipped up a lovely eggs sardou for a veggie friend of mine. I've heard Bayona is especially good about this as well. For lunch, Mona's on Frenchmen or Angeli's in the the quarter have lots of veggie middle eastern options. Also check out Bennachin, West African dishes.

      1. Friday night I had a great vegetable platter at Atchafalaya Cafe on Louisiana and Annunciation. It is not a vegetarian restaurant but had those options. It is very quaint and the food is good.