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Dallas: Best Korean BBQ?

I have been living in Houston and would like to know the best Korean BBQ here in Dallas? Need suggestions from the Chowhounds!!

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  1. my recommendation is Seoul Garden, 2502 Royal Lane, Dallas 75229 - 972-484-6090. A bit difficult to find, address is on Royal but restaurant actually faces Reeder Rd. It's in a very small strip center at the South East corner of Royal & Reeder (just off royal between I35 & Harry Hines)

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      Seould Garden is OK but I would also recommend Chosun Kalbi (Korean BBQ joint) at 2560 Roayl Lane. It's sort of tucked in behind the perfume store so it might be a little difficult to find but their marinated short rib is one of a kind! And their side dishes are excellent also. I would definitely recommend Chosun.

    2. I would second that recommendation. The difference is that Seoul Garden brings you hot coals, while most of the others just have a electric element.

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        third that rec. it's the only place my family will eat galbi. it's basically korean tradition to find which restaurant makes a particular dish the best out of all the other restaurants and to just visit that restaurant for that particular dish. and seoul garden has that distinction for korean bbq.

      2. I agree with all of the above. The hot coals makes a difference in taste in my opinion. The electric grill thing never did it for me in any Korean restaurant whether here in Dallas or back in Chicago.

        1. I've never had Korean bbq but I'm always on the lookout for new ethnic foods. Can someone describe what this dish is and what would you typically eat with it?

          1. Here's a brief description of what it is, and how to eat it.


            Probably the easiest introduction is to have the short ribs (kalbi) and leave some of the more exotic cuts for later exploration.

            1. I don't want to drive this thread off topic, but for the OP, can you tell me the best place to go in Houston? I love Korean BBQ and bim bam bap (sp?), and I'm in Houston for a week at my sisters.

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                  Yes, thanks. Dol sot is the version I love. If anyone has a good recommendation for Houston area, I would appreciate it. Austin is lacking in the dol sot bibimbap department.

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                  Sadly, I've never had a good experience at Snow Mountain. :( I found the food subpar and service to be even worse.

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                    Their seafood pancake is the BEST in town! Their japche is pretty good, too, though it's better some days than other. (These two dishes suck at Seoul Garden.) I don't think their BBQ is very good so it probably depends on what you order.

                2. In Houston, Seoul Garden on Long Point (off I-10) has bimbimbap in the hot pot. There are a number of choices on Long Point.

                  1. For bbq already cooked and delivered to your table, I would nominate Naan, in Plano. There are places in Korea that aren't as good as their bbq! For BBQ at your table, Namoo is very good, 1b to Seoul Garden. Namoo has the sam-gyop-seul as well, for the pork belly lovers. Only drawback: Namoo is across the street from a highly visable asian massage parlor and could be a source of embarassment for some.

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                      Is there a decent all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place in Dallas?

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                        Went to Namoo for lunch today... didn't notice the Massage Parlor, so I wouldn't let the above warning put me off. The food was good - my friend had some really nice kalbi (cooked in the kitchen). The meat was good quality and perfectly cooked - not overdone, but with some nicely charred edges.

                        I got Bibimbap - actually, I'd be interested to hear someone more knowledgeable speak up on this... I've seen bibimbap served a couple of different ways now. At Snow Mountain in Garland, it was served in a hot stoneware bowl, and sizzled when we mixed in the egg. Very nice. Other times, I've seen it served in a regular ceramic bowl with vegetables on top of hot rice. Namoo had a third variation - cold noodles and egg in the bowl, and they give a separate small bowl of hot rice to add in. It was a good dish, but I prefer the Snow Mountain variant. Is there some way to request this? Or is it something that just varies with the restaurant (or with regional style)?

                        Seafood pancake was good, but could have been a bit more crispy on the outside, and could have a bit more seafood. Again, I thought Snow Mountain's was better.

                        Panchan were good and numerous - mostly pickled vegetables (cucumbers, kimchee, radish), some marinated tofu strips, something that seemed like an egg white omlete, shredded radish in mayo, a vegetable I cannot identify, and a few others.

                        Service was friendly, although we had a bit of trouble communicating to the waiter that my one friend was a vegetarian, and the waiter brought out the wrong dish for another friend - but we didn't have any trouble returning it for the correct choice.

                        all in all, I enjoyed the restaurant and would return (although I'll probably try Seoul Garden first).

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                          There's usually two types of bibimbap at Korean restaurants. If you order just bibimbap, it'll come in a regular ceramic bowl. If you want it in a sizzling hot pot, ask for dolsot bibimbap. Dolsot is the hot bowl part. Some restaurants will have variations of the dolsot bibimbap, kimchi or regular vegetables.

                      2. Went to Seoul Garden last weekend for lunch and it was great. It was crowded however, that place is prety huge. We got our own private table which was really nice and the greeter was great in recommending on what to eat. We wanted to cook our own meat, which was fun. The veggies was fresh, some was good & others we didn't care for. For a person who hardly eats any rice since coming to tx (9 yrs ago) it was nice to have a bowl of hot moist rice. The meat was very tasty and there was alot for (2) ppl. A little pricey for lunch (45) but it was worth the experience....

                        1. Yep Seoul Garden is really more for dinner if you are going to do the table top cooking. The do serve several lunch dishes that are fairly reasonable, but not the table top stuff. They are indeed quite tasty.

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                            For those of us who live in the northern parts, Kalbee House opened in northern Carrollton (SH121 @ Hebron Pkwy) a couple of months ago and offers excellent Korean BBQ. We tried kal bee (bbq short rib) and the kimchee pancake. Both were excellent. I've never been to Seoul Garden so I can't compare, but Kalbee House does give you 13 different types of banchan/panchan if that's any indicator.

                            Full review: http://donnacooks.wordpress.com/2007/...

                          2. My wife and I love Korean food and have been disappointed in several Dallas spots over the past couple of years. Our former favorite, Kobawoo, burned to the ground several years ago, and we hadn't found one that we really loved since. Based on the recommendations in this thread, we tried Seoul Garden on Saturday night and loved it. We knew we were onto something good as soon as we walked in. The restaurant smelled good right away and it was packed with Korean families dining out. We sat down at a barbeque table, ordered some beers, and the hot coals came right out. We ordered bulgogi for two (yeah, we keep it safe on the first visit) and they brought out a huge portion, plus a ton of banchan and at least 3 or 4 different kinds of lettuce to go with the bulgogi. I think that they might have given us some weak kimchi to start off with since we were the only non-Koreans in the place, but when our waitress saw that (a) we disdained the silverware in favor of the chopsticks and (b) we devoured the kimchi and needed more, the second round of kimchi was definitely spicier -- and better! We especially love the cubed radish-style kimchi (this probably has a different name but I can't figure it out). The menus were in Korean with English subtitles, but we hardly looked at it this time. Tab for two (bulgogi for 2 plus several beers) including tip and tax was $44. A great price for a fabulous meal. We will definitely be back.

                            1. You absolutely must go to Omi Korean Grill in Carrollton, it is well worth the 15 minute drive from Dallas. This relatively new restaurant opened in August of 2007. It is very large and has a fantastic modern design. The staff is helpful and friendly and the food is absolutley amazing. If you are looking for sushi or an americanized version of Korean dining then I suggest you go elsewhere since Omi serves traditional Korean food. Everything on the menu is SOOOOO fresh and for $19 it's all you can eat! The meat just keeps coming and coming.

                              2625 Old Denton Dr., Carrollton, TX 75011, (972) 245-3565

                              1. I go to Seoul Garden, but I know Korean barbeque can be much better. We used to go into Korea town in Los Angeles and Orange County when we lived in California. The pachan is just okay and the buglgogi can be on the fatty side (FYI- my favorite cut is ribeye, so I like my far share of fatty meat). I don't think they really have a chicken that you can cook on the grill, but their spicy chicken is good. I like their japche. However, I've never met a japche I didn't like. Parking can be a nightmare.

                                1. Has anyone tried Woo Mi Ok at Plano Rd and Walnut? Wondering if it's any good.

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                                    Nam Gang in Houston has the best BBQ short ribs. And their cow tongue is also very good. BBQ at your table yourself along with some Soju.

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                                      Yeah, me and my son started going there just before Snow Mountain closed down. It's a family owned place. Lots and lots of side dishes. Dac Gui, bbq chicken my son likes but a little spicy. I usually get the Bulgogi and we usually still bring some home. I new place opened in Richardson, adjacent shopping center to Maxims but I can't think of the name. It's always packed with Korean folks.