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Jan 15, 2007 07:01 PM

Alone, hungry, and prefer sitting at the bar.

I have searched the archives, under "solo", but I am wondering if you have recent suggestions? What about The Modern....any good? Babbo?
I'm coming in from the sticks and would like to go some where bright and alive! And delicious!

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  1. You have tons of options. You can sit at the bar at any number terrific restaurants: Babbo, Lupa, Union Square Cafe, Grammercy Tavern, the Orchard, Red Cat, Keens, Blue Ribbon, Balthazar, Little Owl, Blaue Gans.

    1. They do a neally nice job of bar dining at the Gotham Bar and Grill. It's not just a plate on the bar, they have these trays that fit in to the groves and they make it a nice experience. i haven't ate at the bar there in a while, but i don't see why they would've stopped.

      1. Veritas on 20th St (across from Gramercy Tavern).

        1. +1 Gotham Bar and Grill. Also, the Bar Steak at Raol's is not to be missed!

          1. Gotham, Veritas, Babbo and I like the bar at Hearth as well.