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Alone, hungry, and prefer sitting at the bar.

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I have searched the archives, under "solo", but I am wondering if you have recent suggestions? What about The Modern....any good? Babbo?
I'm coming in from the sticks and would like to go some where bright and alive! And delicious!

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  1. You have tons of options. You can sit at the bar at any number terrific restaurants: Babbo, Lupa, Union Square Cafe, Grammercy Tavern, the Orchard, Red Cat, Keens, Blue Ribbon, Balthazar, Little Owl, Blaue Gans.

    1. They do a neally nice job of bar dining at the Gotham Bar and Grill. It's not just a plate on the bar, they have these trays that fit in to the groves and they make it a nice experience. i haven't ate at the bar there in a while, but i don't see why they would've stopped.

      1. Veritas on 20th St (across from Gramercy Tavern).

        1. +1 Gotham Bar and Grill. Also, the Bar Steak at Raol's is not to be missed!

          1. Gotham, Veritas, Babbo and I like the bar at Hearth as well.

            1. The bar at Five Points looks to be a great place to dine solo.

              1. The Bar Room at The Modern just got three stars in The NYT while their fancier, more formal dining room still has only two. That, to me, speaks volumes, but you certainly won't go wrong with any of the above recs either, especially Babbo, where I've eaten at the bar at least 20 times.

                1. Above suggestions are all great. The bar at the Modern is wonderful but keep in mind that et gets extremely crowded at peak hours. The phyiscal bar is quite deep, which gives you an added measure of privacy to enjoy your food/drink despite the crowds around you.

                  I have to say, I've become such a fan of bar dining that I tend to prefer it over table dining, not only solo but also with one other person. The added direct interation with restaurant staff (i.e., the bartender) to me is a great bonus. I ate at the bar at Babbo, and while we were eating dessert, the bartender emptied the end of a bottle of dessert wine into two glasses for us to taste. I've also been poured "experimental" cocktails that the restaurant was developing.

                  1. I just ate at the bar at Babbo last week. I live in the neighborhood and try to sneak in every so often. If you go on an off night (not thurs-sat) you probably won't have to wait long for a seat. They serve the whole menu. It is great. You could wind up waiting a while if you go during peak hours because the place is so over-exposed.

                    Blue Hill is right around the corner and I believe they have bar dining as well, but call to make sure. Cocktails there are superb.

                    Other Chowhounders mentioned the Union Square spots that are good, including Union Square Cafe and Gotham Bar and Grill and Gramercy Tavern.