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Nice Restaurant for Visiting Brother and Wife with 12 year old Daughter Union Square/ East Side

cbw Jan 15, 2007 06:54 PM

So my brother and his wife and 12 year old daughter are coming into town next week, and we are trying to go out to a nice dinner before my niece comes to hang out with me for the weekend. But where to go with the niece who won't be overwhelmed by the food, but will please my brother who likes nice restaurants and even better wine lists.

I currently have reservations at Gramercy Tavern but am unsure about it given the new menu as to whether my niece will like it and given last week's review in the Times. My brother and his wife are going to Union Square the next night so that's out.

Where else to go? They are staying at the W in Union Square, but we don't necessarily have to stay around there. Oh and did I mention, we will be celebrating all three of their birthdays this night? Help! cbw

  1. l
    lconnor Jan 16, 2007 10:20 PM

    Telepan was excellent the night we dined there on the Upper West Side.

    Just a little north of Union Square, though, you'll find Pizza Fresca (on 20th between Broadway and Park Avenue South). It's one of our favorites, with a lovely wine list, tasty and unusual pizzas and terrific pasta.

    Just off Union Square on the West side, how about Havana (festive, noisy, wonderful pork sandwich w/garlic mayo). PRetty casual, though.

    There's always Craftbar on Broadway, which should have something to please everyone.

    If you want swank, you can always go to 11 Madison Park, the gougeres alone are worth a trek.

    1. c
      cbw Jan 16, 2007 10:08 PM

      Well, now they have changed their reservations to the St. Regis which means no longer in that general neighborhood. Anyone have any thoughts about Telepan?
      Though the two suggestions are looking like top contenders.
      Thanks for the input.

      1. r
        RGR Jan 15, 2007 10:32 PM

        You might want to consider Veritas (directly across the street from Gramercy Tavern). Chef Scott Bryan's superb New American cuisine is not overly complex, yet still has wonderful flavors, so everyone will enjoy it, and your niece will not be overwhelmed. If your brother is into wine, he will be in ecstasy since Veritas has one of the most extraordinary lists in the city. Service is cordial and efficient; the dining room has stylish contemporary decor; and the noise level is conversation-friendly. Definitely a celebratory kind of place.


        1. p
          Pan Jan 15, 2007 10:03 PM

          It's a little further east, but how about Hearth? It's such a pleasant place, the couple of times I've been there, service was great, and the food is delicious and a good value. 12th St. and 1st Av.

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