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Jan 15, 2007 06:26 PM

Recs for Cerritos/Artesia not Chinese, Indian, or Korean

I visit the Cerritos/Artesia area fairly often and am looking for some good recommendations. A search gave me plenty of suggestions for Chinese, Indian, and Korean but I'm looking for other types of food since those cuisines can get old after a while.

I know that the area is mostly populated by people of the above ethnicities, so its gonna be hard to find good restaurants of other cuisines. But how about a good Japanese, Thai, or even Mexican place?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. La Capilla is a pretty good Mexican place, its off of La Palma and Carmenita which turns into Moody in that intersection, its in La Palma, not that far from Artesia/Cerritos.

    1. Kabuki on South and Gridley is pretty decent. It's in the Target plaza, and there's some other food places there as well, including a Peruvian one.

      1. Diana's on Pioneer and Alondra is great Mexican food. I've since moved out of Cerritos, but every chance I get to visit friends and family there, I swing by Diana's to pick up a quart of their hottest salsa.