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Delmonico or Prime?

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Staying at the Bellagio in a couple weeks - is there a compelling reason to choose one over the other?

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  1. Delmonico is VASTLY overrated, IMO. I've been there twice and can't imagine going back a third time. The beef was not up to par and everything else just fell flat. I don't see how it gets such great reviews here.

    1. We have always enjoyed Prine. In addition to great food and service, the atmosphere is nice with beautiful views and a quieter environment than many Las Vegas locations.

      1. Especially since you're staying at Bellagio, I highly recommend Prime. Their steaks are incredible, and they give you wonderful sauces for them as well. Try to get a seat on the terrace for dessert and coffee. You'd better make a reservation IMMEDIATELY, whatever you decide, as these two places are probably the most popular reservations in Vegas.

        1. I haven't been to Prime, but we ate at Delmonico's a week ago. I wasn't that impressed. I'd try Prime.


          1. i admit - i've been to delmonico's 3-4 times, though not in the last 10-12 months, the first time i was there, i rated it very, very high and i've been to many steakhouses in la and vegas ( only one steakhouse in new york ) i admit the last time i was there, it was not quite to the lelvel of the 1st visit, but i still liked it.

            prime, i've been there once - it was very good, but call me crazy, i just didn't get the feel that i was at a steakhouse - nothing wrong with that ( in fact delmonico's doesn't quite have that "steakhouse" feel to it - but closer than prime ) but there's something about seeing the hanging slabs of meat, to see the meat being cooked, the dark rooms, the leather, blah blah blah. given the negative comments, i need to give delmonico's another try - i will get to freeload a meal during march madness - i'll make the trip then.

            1. I've been to Delmonico 3 times. I gave it very high marks the first time, like kjs. I rather gushed about it actually.

              My husband and I felt it was the best filet mignon we'd ever had, hands down. We were also impressed with the service and wine list. The second time was equally as good although the first may have been one step above, but that could also be because of the newness of it.

              However, we were there for a third time last April and did not feel the same way. We came out of there feeling somewhat disappointed. Service was off too, and it wasn't like they didn't know we'd been there before (apparently they do keep track of such things, as it was our anniversary and they had noted that we'd been there for this occassion prior).

              We haven't been to Prime yet - although I've been wanting to try it. Just haven't had the chance since we wouldn't normally choose 2 steakhouses in one week. Sure do wish we'd picked it last time instead of Delmonico for the third one.

              We're not huge meat eaters in general, my husband won't eat any on the bone so he only eats filet mignon and as for me, frequently I'll have other choices such as seafood. But when I hear raves about these type of steakhouses, I do feel compelled to have what they are best at doing. Prime is high on my list for that reason and for us, atmosphere matters a lot.

              I actually appreciate any steakhouse which does NOT look like a typical steakhouse. I can get that appearance anywhere in the area I live in, complete with sides of beef hanging on the walls. But I sure can't anything like an indigo, velvet-draped room with a view of the Bellagio fountains :-)

              1. Haven't been to PRime yet, but agree with others who say Delmonico has gone down hill. 3/4 years ago it was quite good. Now, just fair.

                1. Both are highly over rated. No bad, just over rated. There are other steak places that are better but if it is just between these two and you are staying at the Bellagio and do not care about expense, no reason to go anywhere else.