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Jan 15, 2007 06:09 PM

Delmonico or Prime?

Staying at the Bellagio in a couple weeks - is there a compelling reason to choose one over the other?

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  1. Delmonico is VASTLY overrated, IMO. I've been there twice and can't imagine going back a third time. The beef was not up to par and everything else just fell flat. I don't see how it gets such great reviews here.

    1. We have always enjoyed Prine. In addition to great food and service, the atmosphere is nice with beautiful views and a quieter environment than many Las Vegas locations.

      1. Especially since you're staying at Bellagio, I highly recommend Prime. Their steaks are incredible, and they give you wonderful sauces for them as well. Try to get a seat on the terrace for dessert and coffee. You'd better make a reservation IMMEDIATELY, whatever you decide, as these two places are probably the most popular reservations in Vegas.

        1. I haven't been to Prime, but we ate at Delmonico's a week ago. I wasn't that impressed. I'd try Prime.


          1. i admit - i've been to delmonico's 3-4 times, though not in the last 10-12 months, the first time i was there, i rated it very, very high and i've been to many steakhouses in la and vegas ( only one steakhouse in new york ) i admit the last time i was there, it was not quite to the lelvel of the 1st visit, but i still liked it.

            prime, i've been there once - it was very good, but call me crazy, i just didn't get the feel that i was at a steakhouse - nothing wrong with that ( in fact delmonico's doesn't quite have that "steakhouse" feel to it - but closer than prime ) but there's something about seeing the hanging slabs of meat, to see the meat being cooked, the dark rooms, the leather, blah blah blah. given the negative comments, i need to give delmonico's another try - i will get to freeload a meal during march madness - i'll make the trip then.